Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


5. (Second Part) The Date

 Chapter Five


   A couple minutes passed and I was about half way to the movie theater. I suddenly hear a song softly playing on the radio in the back round. "I love this song!" Cameron says as he turns it up. "Oh my gosh me too!!" I say. It was Cinema by Skrillex .This song brought a memory to me. Two days ago when I went to Magcon, it seemed liked Cameron was singing it to me. I started to sing along to the song with him. He turns it up a little more and now both of we were just jamming out in his car. "You are a cinema!" You both sing loudly. A couple times you and Cameron look at each other and smile. This moment was perfect. We both embraced it and kept singing until the song was completely over. Right when it finished we pulled up in to a parking spot close to the theater.

  I got out and started walking towards it. That's when something adorable happened. Cameron reached over and held my hand. You interlocked fingers with him and smiled to the ground. At that moment you defiantly knew that you were more than friends. The day just kept getting better. "What movie do you want to see?" Cameron asks. " about TMNT?" I say. "Sounds good to me." He agrees. "Two tickets for Teen Age Mutant Turtles please." Cameron says. "Okay that will be $10.35." The man says and hands you 2 tickets. You pull out a 5 dollar bill and try to hand it to the cashier but it was too late. Cameron already handed him 11 dollars. "You didn't have to pay for me you know." I say. "I know but I really wanted to."

  Cameron said and smiled down at me "Thanks" I say. Me and Cameron turn around and start walking in to the theater. We find two empty seats and sit down. That was when Cameron finally let go of your hand. He didn't let go the whole time until now. You thought it was cute. The previews started and you both sat back and relaxed.

 After about 10 minutes of previews the movie finally started. It didn't take long for me and Cameron to get comfortable. About 10 minutes in to the movie Cameron does the whole yawn thing and put his arm around my shoulder. It was so cute the way he did it too, he tried not to make it obvious but...that didn't work out too. None the less, I thought it was romantic and cute. I smiled up at him and slowly shift your body closer to him. I felt so safe in his arms. I rested my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the movie. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world right now. The movie had a couple sad parts and usually I would just let your feeling flow right out but that would be a little awkward in this situation.

I held it in as best as you could and you succeeded. The movie ended and you got out from Cameron's shoulder. You felt like a middle/high school couple. You both walked out of the theater and went to Cameron's car. You got in the passengers seat and took a deep breath. "Did you like the movie?" Cameron asked when he got in the car. "I loved it!" I said. "Good." He said and smiled at me. We both just starred at each other for a second. "uhm..."Cameron softly said as he put the keys in the car and started it to stop starring at Me. We pulled out of the parking lot and off we were. "Are you up for a walk on the beach?" Cameron said. "That sounds awesome right now!" I said in all sincerity.

Cameron smiled at you with his supeeeerrrr cute smile and drove off. We drove down this long road that lead to the beach and I was actually kind of nervous. What if me and Cameron kiss? Is the first thing that pops up in to my head. Then I thought..."I just got to let it happen if it does. Natural." You think for a little then put that thought away. "Oh my gosh another great song!" Cameron says as he turns up the radio. The song Come Thru by Drake comes on. "Wow I know like all the words to this song!" I say and start to sing along. It was such a 'guy' song but I loved it.

 "Only time of the day i get to spend on my own!" we both sing loudly. When the song was over we talked about how much we both love Drake...another thing we had in common. Cameron parked the car on the side of the road right by the beach. The sun was just about to set...perfect timing. I took my shoes off and Cameron watches me. "Good idea!" He says and takes his off too. We both leave your shoes in the car and walk down to the shore. "What a beautiful night." I say looking around at the view. "I love California."

Cameron blurts out like he was hiding it or something. You smile and remember thinking the same exact thing in the coffee shop earlier. "It's the best place on earth." I say as we keep walking along the shore line. "Was California your last stop on your tour?" I asked. "Yep, thank goodness. I mean i love it and all its just a little tiring and now i met the perfect girl to spend my time with." Cameron admits. My cheeks turn red as I smile. He then started to hold my hand again. "I think I just fell in love..." I thought to myself.

  After About 2 minutes of silence two girls, who look both about 13, start to approach me and Cameron. "They are probably just fans." Cameron says reassuring me. They continue to walk towards us until they reach you and stop. "Oh my gosh it is him!!" One of the girl says. "Can we get a picture with you?!" The other girl says. "Sure!" Cameron says politely.

"We want Jessie to be in the picture too!" She says. You were surprised she knew your name. Click goes the camera and a picture of you 4 was took. "So are you guys on a date?" The outgoing one says. "Hahah ya." Cameron says. "Oh my gosh thats so cute! I saw you both on the news and I new right away you guys were going to date! You guys make a really cute couple." The girl says excitedly. "Well thanks. What are your girls names?" Cameron asks.

"My name is Amanda and my friends name is Emily." Amanda says. "Cool! Well you guys have a good night!" Cameron says trying to wrap this conversation up. Amanda and Emily reminded you of Bailey and myself. Bailey was Amanda of course, the outgoing one and I was more shy. "Thanks you too! Have fun on your date!" Amanda says and slowly walks away.

She waves back and we wave at her and smile. "That was cute..." I said. "Yeah it was. look at that sunset." Cameron says. "Wowww. Nothing beats a California beach sunset." I say. Cameron sits down on the sand facing the sunset and you join. He pulls out his phone and takes a picture. You watch as he posts it on Instagram with the caption saying "Nothing like a California beach sunset." And tagged me.

  He puts his phone away and we just watch as the sun slowly moves below the horizon. When the sun is fully set we stand up. "We should probably start heading back to the car and get you home." Cameron says. "Yeah probably should before my mom has a heart attack!" I say chuckling. We start to walk back the direction you came. "Thanks for an amazing time today." I say looking in to Cameron's eyes. "Thank you for making it amazing." He says and looks back at me. We have another one of those moments when we just stare at each other. You reach the car and hop right in. You both put your shoes on and then Cameron drives to your house.


  Hope that you guys liked the looong chapter 8D took me a while! I will be posting more tomorrow. Thanks for almost 50 reads <3


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