Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


36. Memories

  Chapter Thirty Six


   You stared in to Ally's eyes and began trying to push her off Nash's shoulders. You heard Nash and Cameron laughing about something but when you looked down to see what it was....Ally gave you a hard push and you came crashing in to the water. when you got back up to the surface you listened as Matt said "well that didn't last long...looks like we have a winner" he said pointing to Ally and Nash who were high fiving. Cameron swam over to you and said "well at least I get to make dinner with my favorite person." You smiled big and kissed Cameron passionately. "Hey you two are not supposed to be happy!" Nash yelled over.

  Cameron smiled at you while giving Nash the middle finger and began kissing you again. You wrapped your legs around Cameron's waist and your arms around his neck. Cameron started kissing your neck and sucking on your sweet spot. You looked around and saw that everyone went inside so it was just you and Cameron.

  You let out a slight moan and continued making out with Cameron. After a little you both decided you were gonna get started on making dinner. "I'll grill the burgers and dogs and you do the rest ok babe?" Cameron asked. "Ok." I said smiling. Cameron went to the grill and you started making the salad. "So are you ready for the wedding?!" Matt asked sitting down. "I am so ready! I know it will be the best day of my life. Cameron is the only one for me." I said smiling while stirring the salad. Matt smiled while watching you. You looked up at him and asked "what?"

 After you all ate pizza together Nash, Matt, and Ally all left. You had a really fun time with them laughing, being weird, and making memories. "2 weeks" Cameron said as you both cleaned up the pizza and other messes. Right away you knew what he meant and a big smile formed on your face. When Cameron saw you smiling he smiled too.

While you were throwing the pizza boxes away Cameron came up to you and pressed his body up against yours and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. "So what about the honeymoon?" Cam asked. "What about it?" i replied with a slight smile. "Where should we go?" "How about...Hawaii!" You turned around after you said that to look Cameron in the eye. "I love you so much." Cameron said and kissed your lips passionately while pulling your body in to his.

  He pulled away from the kiss and yelled "Hawaii it is!!" You giggled and hugged Cameron. "I'm gonna go put the pool toys away, be right back." Cameron said. "Ok." You finished cleaning the kitchen when all of a sudden your stomach didn't feel right. You went in to the bedroom and changed in to some comfortable clothes.

  You laid down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. Cameron walked in and asked "is everything okay?" "Ya i think so I just suddenly don't feel so good." I said honestly. "I'll go get you a glass of water." Cam said and left. You felt a sickening feeling like you were about to throw up so you decided to go to the toilet and wait for something to come out. "Babe?" Cameron asked when he came back. "In here!" I yelled back. "Do you think your gonna throw up?" he asked handing you a glass of water.


This is the last draft, I have some family shit tomorrow... I don't know how i'll continue the story but i'll do my best to writing it, after not writing this story for a while I kind of forgot about everything thats happened it it, grr its gonna be so embarassing rereading all that i've written I'm just gonna want to run around in circles crying. I'll try my best with it no promises ;-; 

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