Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


17. Hide and Seek

  Chapter Seventeen

  (Read the bottom first.)


  When you and Cameron were done ice skating you decided to go back to Cameron's house. "Hey Cam?" I asked. He looked up at you. "Can I take Jake on a walk?" I asked. "Sure babe. Are you sure you wanna go alone?" He asked. "Yeah I'll be fine." I replied. "Okay have fun." Cam replied. You smiled at him and walked over to where Jakes leash was hanging up. You took it off the hook and put it on Jake.

  You walked out the door and started walking down a path. You were about 10 minutes in to the walk when all of a sudden you see a group of 3 girls walking towards you. You didn't think much of it. They kept walking closer until they were about 5 feet in front of you."Oh my god guys it is her!" One of the girls said.

  They all squealed a little. Then you understood... fans. "Oh my gosh uhmm hi are you *yn*?" A different girl asked. "Yep thats me." I replied. This was the first time someone has come up to you without Cameron. "Can we get a picture with you?!" A different girl asked. "Of course! I hope you don't mind Jake in the picture too."

  I said chuckling a little. They all laughed. "No we love him." A girl said and they all took turns taking pictures with you. when they were done they talked to you for a little. "So where's Cameron?" One of the blondes said. "Oh he's back at his house. I hope he's making some food 'cause I am starving!" I said. You could trust these girls. "Oh. Well tell him we say hi and that we love him so much!"

  The only brunette said. "Ok I will." I said and smiled at them. "Oh and one more thing... We think you and Cameron are such a cute couple and we hope you never break up." The other blonde said. "Yeah!" They all agreed. "Aww thank you guys so much. You all have an amazing day!" I replied and slowly started walking down the path. "Thank you! I love you and Cameron!" One of the girls said. You couldn't tell who because your back was turned the opposite way.

You turned your head over your shoulder and smiled and waved goodbye to them. You continued on your walk. You smiled at the things they said to you. You finished your walk and walked in to Cam's house. Cameron's house was beginning to feel normal and really comfortable to you, almost like your house.

  When you walked through the door you smelt some food being made. You unlatched Jake's leach and hung it up. You walked in the kitchen and saw two plates on the table with food on them. You walked closer to them and realized it was Alfredo pasta with blackened chicken. It looked so good. Cameron surprised you from behind and grabbed your waist

"Well, how does it look?" He asked. "Oh my gosh, it looks delicious. I can't believe you made this!" I replied. He gestured you to sit down and so you did. "You are the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. I love you Cameron." I said and looked in to his eyes. "I love you too babe. I don't want to loose you." He said. You smiled and said "You won't". You both began to enjoy the wonderful meal. You began to think Cameron didn't make the meal but you didn't question it. It was sweet of him either way.

 When you both finished the delicious meal you both cleaned up. It didn't take too long. When you finished, you walked over to Cameron. he was on the computer. You sneaked up behind him and whispered in his ear "wanna play hide and go seek?" He turned his head. You rested your chin on his shoulder and stuck out your bottom lip pouting.

  He smirked at you. "Sure babe. You hide and I seek." he said and bit his bottom lip. You leaned in and kissed his lips lightly. He stood up and grabbed your waist. He started kissing you passionately. You pulled away and looked in to his eyes. You smiled. Cameron kissed your smiled and then let go of your waist.

  "You better get hiding!" He said. He smacked your ass as you walked away. "Hey!" I said and ran away from him. You decided to hide under his bed. "Ready or not here I come!" Cameron yelled from down the hall. You could hear him searching around, then he came in to his room where you were. He looked in the closet. You couldn't help but to chuckle a little. He was so cute and perfect. You watched him the whole time.

  He stopped moving when he heard you chuckling. He slowly bent down and laid on the ground. You hid your face with your hands. He looked around and then under the bed...."Found you!" He said. "No you didn't, no one is here." I said. He slid under the bed. You were both laying on your stomachs. "Hi" He said when you uncovered your hands from your face. "Hi." I replied.

  He leaned in and kissed your lips. You pulled away. "Can we get out of here?" I asked chuckling at the fact that we were under a bed kissing. "I don't know babe it's kinda sexy under here." He said looking around. You smiled. "But I guess we can get out of here. Your turn to find me!" He said shuffling his body out from under the bed.

  You followed behind him. "Okay i'll count to 50. " I said. "No cheating!" He yelled and ran out of his room. "Ready or not!" I yelled after counting to 50. You walked in the kitchen and looked closely. he wasn't in there. You walked in to the living room and didn't see him. You already knew he wasn't in his room so you skipped it.

  You walked in to the guest room and looked around. You opened up the shower curtain and didn't see him. You opened up the closet and slowly looked around. "Whoa!" I yelled when I saw Cameron balled up in the corner. "Found you babe." I said. Cameron took his hands off his face and got up. "Took you long enough." Cam said. You looked at him and opened your mouth. "Just kiddding." He said and walked towards you with his arms open. You turned your back to him and crossed your arms.

  e got in front of you and bent down to your eye level. "Hey, I love you." he said and slowly leaned in to your neck. He buried his nose in to your neck. "I love you too." I said quietly. You couldn't stay mad at him for long. "What was that?!" Cameron asked. "I love you too." I said a little louder. "I can't hear you!" He said. "I love you too!" I yelled loudly. He hugged you tightly. "So you gonna stay another night?" He asked. "Awe babe I wish I could but I should really get home." I said.

  He pouted. You caressed his cheek. "Its okay, I'll see you tomorrow." I said. "I know but I don't want you to leave." He replied. You unlatched from the hug. "I love you." I said and started to walk towards the door. "I love you more." He said

 You both walked towards the front door. It was time for you to leave. "Thanks for the awesome day Cameron. You surprised me so much today and I can't thank you enough for all you have done." I said opening the front door.

"I love surprising you. I'll see you tomorrow okay babe?" He said. "Okay. I love you. Nigh night." I said. "Nigh night." he said and closed the door when you left. You got in your car and drove home. when you were home you went straight to bed. It was a long and tiring day but it was super fun in the end.


   I gonna change it up a little and make it your P.O.V c: If about... 5 people or more don't like the idea than I'll change it back to the way it was. Write in the comments if you want it to be in Jessie's P.O.V. *YN* Stands for your name. I'm also going to post 2 chapters today. Thaaanks c;


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