Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


31. Blame and Forgive

  Chapter Thirty One


   You were in the pool for a good hour before getting out. You had no idea where Cameron was and you began to worry, you thought he would be home by now. You picked up your phone and called him but he didn't answer. You put together a salad and began eating it. Cameron still wasn't home. You went on Instagram and saw that Cameron had posted something. You were really confused...especially because Cameron was kissing another girl. Your eyes grew wide. It was a picture of Cameron kissing another girl (a fan) on the lips! The caption read "loved meeting you guys today ;)." You immediately called Cameron again. This time he answered... "Hey babe. Sorry I got caught up with some stuff." He said. You already knew what he meant by stuff. "Ok. When you come home we have something to talk about. See you then." I said. Cameron replied "Okayyy..." He sounded confused. "Bye. " I said and hung up the phone. You slipped on a shirt on top of your bathing suit and turned the tv on. You finished eating your salad and waited until Cameron got home. Finally...he did. "Hey cutie I'm home!" Cameron yelled when he walked in.


  " I saw you met up with some fans." I replied. "Yeah some fans saw me and asked for a pic. One girl even asked me to kiss her on the cheek and when I did she turned and kissed me right on the lips! Crazy huh?!" Cameron explained. You felt a little better knowing it wasn't on purpose. "Yeah pretty crazy." I said. "What's wrong?" "Well a lot actually. You know how I feel about you kissing fans, even on the cheek and then you go kissing another girl on the lips today! Also... I put my sexy bathing suit on and got in the pool waiting for you. I thought you would wanna swim with me when you got home...especially when I'm wearing your favorite bathing suit of mine." I said.

 You woke up and looked around realizing what happened earlier. You grabbed your phone and looked at the time, it was 6:24pm. You got out of bed and decided to stay in your sweats and t shirt. You put your hair in a bun and slipped on some comfy slippers. When you opened the door there was no sign of Cameron.

  You began to walk out until you saw that there was rose petals on the floor leading somewhere. You followed the rose petals until you were outside. You saw Cameron laying on the hammock looking up at the stars all alone. A faint smile began to form on your mouth. You walked over to where Cameron was laying. He saw you and then began to sit up. "Hey." I said starting the conversation. "Hey. Can we talk?" Cameron asked. "Sure." I said sitting beside him on the hammock. "I'm so sorry *yn*. I will never let anything like that happen again. I don't know what I was thinking, I was just gonna give her a kiss on the cheek and then she turned an-" Cameron kept going on before you stopped him. "It's okay Cameron." I said putting my hand on his. He looked up at you. His beautiful brown eyes looking in to yours. "So your not mad?" He asked. "No...not anymore." "Good," he replied. Then it was silent. It wasn't awkward or anything...just silent. "I can't wait to marry the woman of my dreams in two months." Cameron said breaking the silence. You smiled. "I can't wait either." I said leaning in to Cameron. Your lips collide perfectly together.


Because i've been gone i'll give you guys two chapters if the spelling sucks sowy I was terrible at spelling BUT THE GRANDMA ME IS HERE NOW AND HERE TO STAY!



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