[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2014-2018. All rights reserved. I do not own the picture I photo shopped as the cover.


10. True Lightning Strikes

True Lightning Strikes


“Just kidding.” I said as I pulled away from his embrace.


“Damn,” Harry said as he opened his eyes, “You're such a tease, Dall.” He smiled.


“Hah, I know.” I smiled back.


“And I was looking forward to it.” He pouted to which I proceeded to laugh.


“So, was that it? Was that what you wanted to 'tell' me?” I looked at the floor.


“No! I uh...” He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Happy birthday.”


OMG. He knew? He knew that June 30th was my birthday?!

“How did you-”


“Dalia, did you really think that I wouldn't know anything about you? Do you know how much Louie talks about you?”


“I'm assuming that it was a lot.” He nodded.


“Hearing so much about you from Lou...” He took both my hands and looked at me. “Made me realize something important.”


“Uh huh.” I think I knew where this was going.


“I think I'm in love with you Dalia.” What do you know? Called it.


“Wait, what?” I stared at him, bewildered. “Repite por favor.”


“I'm in love with you God damn it!" He pulled me in quickly and I immediately felt his plump lips against mine. I didn't know such a kiss from existed, but when Harry's lips met mine- it became existent. We pulled apart and at the same time, the lights in the tower turned on.


"Attention visitors," The man on the intercom said, "We had a slight difficulty in keeping up with the maintenance of our building's generators. Sorry for any inconvenience. We wish you had a pleasant time at the Willis Tower. Have a nice evening." 


"Want to go now?" He asked. 


"Yeah." I said without hesitation. We walked out of Sears Tower, hand in hand. Before Harry started the Land Rover, I was lost in my thoughts. What on earth happened? Did we really kiss? I couldn't just stay quiet. I had to say something. "Harry?" 




"Did we actually ki-"


Without warning, he crashed his lips into mine. "Yes, yes we did." I felt a bit dizzy after, still trying to catch my breath. 


I swear, I feel as if my life has turned into the fan-fics that Alanna used to write.


We drove out of the pay lot and headed back to La Quinta Inn because we both thought that we should call it a day. Even though it's 8:15...


"Harry." I said as I stared down at my ballerina flats.


"Yes love?" He had to keep his eyes on the road, but I knew he was listening.


"I'm worried." I began to twiddle my thumbs. "What we did back in the tower is making me nervous. What are we? Friends? A Couple? Remember that Louis and I are-"


"And what are you two?" He said a bit angered. "Last time I checked Louis got a girl pregnant four years ago. What was her name again? Oh! That's right! Briana. They had a bloody kid together, and you're worried about being loyal to Louis?!"

He had a point. That year before I began working at Northwestern Memorial hospital was the time before I met anyone from One Direction. Me and Alanna were full-blown directioners and when I found out Louis was actually going to be a dad, my whole world crumbled. It was from that moment on that I vowed to not obsess over them like the way I did. That was until I had met Zayn and eventually Harry. And then Louis...

"Look Harry, you're right." We were now in the elevator, going up to the 5th floor of the hotel. "For all I know, he probably is still with Briana and supporting his kid." 


"See? I told you." He grabs my hand. "So when do you want to go public?"


"W-what? Harry! What do you mean? You just told me today that you loved me! Take some time, okay? I need to see if I actually like you back."


"Oh, that's fine." His hopeful smile drops into a frown as he lets go of my hand and walks to his room. I walked into my room and to my surprise, it was deserted. Where the fuck is Louis? I put my purse down on the coffee table and sat down in one of the chairs. After sitting down, I noticed that the door that leads into Harry's room was cracked open slightly. Is Louie in Harry's room?

Without hesitation I rose from the chair and walked towards the door. I didn't dare open it because I heard Louie's voice through the crack.

"How come you took so long to get back?"


"I took her out to eat, to a baseball game, and to Willis Tower."


"That's it? It took you that long to do only three things?"


"We were stuck in the Willis Tower trying to wait out the rain. While we were there I told her 'happy birthday' and kissed her." I heard a chair drop to the floor.


"I thought I told you to make her day special, and you kissed her!?"


"No! I kissed her cheek and said 'Happy Birthday'! That's all!" 

It wasn't until I heard Harry scream out that I sprung into action and barged into the room.


"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" I yelled out. They both stop yelling and turn towards me. Louis let go of his grip on Harry's shirt and turned towards me, wide-eyed. I looked at Harry, who was bleeding from his nose. "Louis, why is he bleeding?" I pointed to Harry.


"Because he's a fucking idiot."


"Oh. I didn't know that idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding from the nose."


"I think it's a new phenomenon."




"What? You should be the one to talk Dall. Look at this." He handed me a magazine. I took one good look at it and dropped it to the floor. I felt paralyzed after reading such an appalling magazine. The cover had a picture of me and Harry kissing in pure dim light inside of Sears Tower. The heading said: Harry Styles's new girl? See the steamy photos of their romantic encounter in the Willis Tower during a blackout. 

My mouth denied in giving any kind of response. How in the world did someone get this? There weren't even that many people in the Tower today...

All I knew is what was important at that point in time. I quickly went back to my/Louie's room, gathered my things, and stormed back into Harry's room. "Harry, go to the bathroom. Now." I commanded. Without hesitation, Harry went to the bathroom.


"What gives Dall? What the hell are you doing?" Louis was completely frustrated. Two can play at that game.


"Save your breath Tomlinson. Just get the fuck out. I have to go help Hazza clean up." I pointed to the door.


"Maybe I will." He replied in a sassy tone. He slammed the door on the way out. Jesus Christ, this day just keeps getting worse. 


I walked into the bathroom to find Harry standing in front of the mirror, his nose still dripping blood and his white v-neck now looks like evidence from a crime scene. "It was worth it." He said while pointing to his nose.


"Man, guys do the most dumbest things." I get my makeup bag and take out a couple of cotton balls and some rubbing alcohol. I began to clean up the blood that was coming out of his nose with toilet paper.


"Hey, I did it out of love." He started to tear up as soon as I used the rubbing alcohol. "Hey, that stings!" 


"Well, why did you go out and get punched in the nose from Louis? Why did you even kiss me?!" 


"I said I did it out of lo-"


"Just stop. I really don't want to hear it." He remained silent the rest of the time I was trying to heal his nose. I titled his head up to see the damage. "You're lucky. It doesn't seem broken." I put away the cotton balls and rubbing alcohol and took out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Harry was surprised to see that I had a first aid kit in my makeup bag. I guess he's never seen what a woman has in her makeup bag before. I pointed to his shirt. "Take that off for me please." He took off his blood soaked v-neck and revealed his tattooed chest. I tried to resist looking, but damn...his butterfly tattoo gave me butterflies. He took one good look at my reaction and smirked. "Eh, eh, eh! Not a word!" I warned. Harry was quiet as I washed his blood stained shirt in the sink, staring at me in the process.

As soon as I finished, I made him get out of the bathroom so I could change into my pink silk night gown and I put on my matching lavender robe. I opened the door, finding Harry standing and waiting outside the bathroom for me. He only wore a pair of black shorts. He wrapped arms around me and whispered in my ear, "Thank you." He kissed my cheek right after. He leaped into bed and got under the covers.

"No problem. Just don't get hit in the nose again, got it?" I said as I took off my lavender silk robe.


"No promises." 




"Okay, I promise. Scout's honor." I laid down next to him and got under the covers. Why do I feel like this summer just got even more dramatic than it was supposed to be?  I mean, two former boy band members that are fighting over you... sounds more like a directioner's wish come true.




The part when Dalia asks Louis why Harry is bleeding is a line from the Divergent trilogy. I thought it seemed like a good line to use.





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