[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
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11. Still Cloudy

Still Cloudy


At around six in the morning, I got up and went to the bathroom. I didn't just get up, no sir. I had to literally wrestle my way out of Harry's grip to get up and go before my bladder could burst. That boy is just too affectionate...

I opened the door to leave, and I nearly had a heart attack. Louis was right outside the door. "Louie, what are y-" he pushes me back into the bathroom and closes the door. We stared at each other in silence. "Start answering my fucking questions Tomlinson." I finally whispered.


Believe it or not, Louis apologized for his actions yesterday regarding punching poor innocent Harry in the nose. He explained that he got a little jealous that he saw the pictures of me and Harry smooching in the Sears Tower. He was reckless in his actions. But then again, me and Louis weren't exactly an 'item'. "Maybe I show have mentioned it sooner but..." 


Louis grabbed my right out of my thoughts. "Hmm?"


"You know a few years back when I was going to be a father?"




"Well," He got close to me and whispers in my ear. "I'm not."


"Wait what?!" I silently scream.


"Shhh! Hazza's asleep." He whispers. "You remember that sex tape that supposedly had Briana in it?"


"Yeah, what about it?"


"Glad you should ask," He lifted up his phone. "Please read this article." I took his phone and read the article out loud. 


Tomlinson Not a Father and Jungwirth Hated by Millions. Oh my god, this has to be good. I began to smile as I went on to read from the phone. To finally answer the biggest question in the One Direction fandom, no. Louis Tomlinson is not the father of Briana Jungwirth's baby.

Sources confirm that Jungwirth was the one in the sex tape in 2015 and the man resulted to not be Tomlinson. We interviewed Tomlinson and he told us, "I am completely heartbroken that I am not the father. However, it was a one night stand and that meant Briana wasn't just going to be having intercourse with me. No, she probably just though 'oh shit, who's the last guy I slept with?' and batta bing, batta boom, it was me-" I couldn't stop laughing. "Oh my God Louie, did you actually say batta bing, batta boom?"


"Keep reading it."


It was me that was dubbed the baby daddy." Many directioners were outraged that they even defended Jungwirth in the first place. But that isn't the first time a girl with not much fame lies about having the baby of a celebrity. Stay tuned for more news on Teen Pop Magazine! I started to yell my lungs out. Unaware of my actions, Harry comes barging into the bathroom. 

"WHAT'S WRONG DALL!?" He stops in his tracks when he sees Louis in his bathroom. "What is he doing in here?" Harry pointed at Louis. 


"It's okay mate. Just trying to apologize for yesterday. Sorry for punching your nose. We cool?" He holds out his fist.


Harry just grins and fist bumps Louis. "Ice cold."


"I don't know about you guys, but I'm going back to sleep. My brain can't process this much at five in the morning." 


"Uh, it's seven thirty actually." Louis said, glancing at his phone. 


"WHAT?" I didn't realize that it took that long for Louis to apologize and make me read that article about Briana. That still didn't stop me from wanting to go back into bed. Louis gave no sign whether to go out and do something. He just went back to his room. I was trying to go back to blissfully sleep, but then again Harry...

It was always Harry that caused trouble when ever I was around.


"Let's go out and have a run." He said while putting on a black t-shirt. "It looks nice out."


"How about no." I buried myself under the white comforter. "Physical activity's not my thing."


"Aren't you a doctor?" He asked.


"Yeah. So?"


"I thought doctors ran around the hospital all day because of patients and shit like that."


"Only if there's an epidemic or something." I got out of the covers. "How long have you not talked to Zayn?" 


"About three years."


I scoffed. "Of course." This guy doesn't even know what one of his friends does for a living. I thought. 


About three years ago, Zayn invited me and Alanna to go with him to Lady Gaga's birthday party in a loft in downtown Chicago. It was were I briefly met Louis and somewhat of Harry. Jesus Christ he made a terrible first impression, with him getting wasted and all. Alanna never wanted to talk to him again. In a way, I feel guilty being this close with Harry. At Gaga's party, I had the vibe that Alanna was into him. Then again, she was a fan of Harry Styles. 

Thinking of, I wonder what she's up to?



Update. Harry convinced me to go on a run with him in Lincoln Park. By 'convinced' I mean that he promised he and Louis would take me drinking tonight since I was officially 21. I couldn't pass up an offer like that. I had put on pink athletic shorts, a black tank top, and my black Nikes. Tying my hair back, I wondered if I was officially in a love triangle. I didn't want to be, considering the fact that one acted like he hated my guts the first time I met him and the other was already feeling something towards me. We stopped by the fountain that is in the middle of the park, my energy drained from running around. "Come on Dall. We just started like five minutes ago!" 


"I wasn't lying when I said physical activity isn't my thing." I said between breaths.


"You need some motivation," He smirked. "And I think I know what." Harry immediately took the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, revealing his toned body and countless tattoos. He began sprinting away, yelling back, "Last one back to the hotel has to pay for lunch!" I began sprint after him and I was determined to win.

As I was reaching the crosswalk, I tripped and fell on the concrete. "AH! Harry wait!!" I clasped my hands around my ankle. "I think I broke my ankle!" From the ground I saw him stop in his tracks and run in my direction.


"Oh God. Dalia I'm sorry! I shouldn't have made you run if you didn't want to." He looked at me in a panicked manner. "Can you stand up?" He helped me up from the concrete and I began to whimper as I shifted weight to my ankle. He sighed, only to turn around and squat down. "I'll give you a piggy back ride back to the hotel." 


"Harry, are you sure you want to do that?" I speculated his intentions. Sure he was trying to help me, but knowing Harry- he could probably have a trick up that tattoo sleeve of his.


"Of course. Get on."






"Put your shirt on. You're all sweaty." Without retaliating, he did as I asked him to. Within no time we were back at the entrance of La Quinta Inn. I told Harry to put me down because I could walk the rest of the way. But as soon as he did, I made a run for the staircase. "Sucker!" I yelled. Finally, I ran to the door of room 209. Sitting down on the hotel floor, I waited for the loser to get back to his room. And what do you know? There he is making his way from the elevator. I got up from the floor. 


"You tricked me." He says as he approaches me. 


I shrugged. "Never trust a Fernandez." He unlocks the door and goes inside, not saying much of anything. "Hey, you never said I couldn't cheat." I cracked a smile. "You should have seen your face." That didn't make him even turn around. He just continued to ignore me as he went through his luggage. "I can help you choose something to-" He swatted my hand away from his suitcase. "What the fuck Hazza?!"


"I'm going to tell you once and only once. Get the fuck out of my room." He crossed his arms. "And to think, I thought that you were different. You faked a fucking injury to win something as stupid as getting out of paying for lunch? God, that's so low Dalia."


Trying to make me feel guilty, eh? Two can play that fucking game. "You attempted to get my cousin intoxicated and in bed three years ago, and you think I'm low?!" I grabbed my things from the bathroom and grabbed my suitcase from the corner of the room. 


"GET OUT OF THE FUCKING ROOM. NOW." At any moment, it seemed that Harry was ready to explode and kick me out himself. 


"Fine! maybe I will!" I reached the door knob that leads into Louis's room. "What was low is that I even kissed you in the damn Sears Tower!" I was able to get out in time before he could do anything. What a jerk! I couldn't believe that he couldn't take a joke.


"Louis..." I called out as I began to cry. In a matter of seconds, there he was. My true knight in shining armor had his arms wrapped around me. I just couldn't stop crying. I wanted to be strong. Strong wasn't good enough.


"It's okay. I'm here. Shhh...." He kissed me on my temple. "What did I say about trusting him, huh? I told you that fame changed him years ago before we broke up One Direction." 


"Wait, you weren't kidding about...her?"


"No, but let's not get into that now." Louis grabbed a towel and threw it at me. "You should go shower. All this deception and trickery is making you smell bad." He wrinkled his nose and stuck his tongue out at me. I grabbed the first pillow in sight and threw it at him. 

My aim was terrible though and it completely missed his face. Damn it! He just laughed at me and said, "Hey, I'm doing you a favor babe. Wouldn't want to smell terrible at IHOP now, would we?"



Yes, I did change the name of the story to Complicated. What about it? It ties into the sequel I will start to write next year! 


More chapters on the way,


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