[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
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5. Reunions Can Be a Bitch

Reunions Can Be a Bitch



After Harry got dressed, we all went to a McDonald's near the hotel. We found a table, I sat next to Dalia because Harry still didn't trust her. For a while, none of us spoke a word after receiving our food—until Harry decided to break the silence. “So let me get this straight,” He stared directly at Dalia, “Your cousin left for London with Zayn for a convention, so you sold the unoccupied half of the hotel room to Louie on Craigslist?”

“Yup. That's basically what happened.” She replied while eating her chips.

“Okay, this is fucking bullshit. How do you two even know each other?” Dalia and I looked at each other awkwardly and we turned away, sipping our Cokes.

“What? Did you guys fuck at a party or something?”

“Not exactly Hazza,” I begin, “It was actually like this...”

Three years ago...

The lads and I were going to meet up at Lady Gaga's party in a rented loft in Chicago. I went with Harry— no, we are not a couple. I recently had broken up with Eleanor because she was secretly cheating on me with one of her childhood friends, which left me heartbroken. The only reason I chose to go to Gaga's bash was that Harry said two words to me: Zayn's co-workers. He said I could flirt with one of them; obviously he wanted one of the said co-workers to himself. 

“Hazza, what if both aren't interested?"

Harry put his hand on my shoulder. "Louie, Louie, Louie. Have you forgotten what we did before you dated Eleanor? Just pick one to flirt with, get her drunk, and you can at least hook up with her. Got it?"

“I don't know Harry...”

“I bet you $20 one of them will be interested.” I froze at this idea.

“Really? Betting money on a chick you don't know but you hope she likes you...This is tempting, but—”

“C'mon Louie! What have you got to lose? Unless it's losing your dignity and respect among women. Then yes, you can lose.”

Well, we were already at the threshold of the apartment, so why the hell? We went inside. The loft was filled with so many celebs to count. It took us a while, but we greeted Lady Gaga and found Zayn. “Hazza! Louie!” He exclaimed. 


We all got re-acquainted and I have to say, a year without being 1D has changed us all. I mean, I’m still a football player for the Doncaster Rovers, Zayn is a doctor here in Chicago, Harry opened up a bakery in London- Wait…where’s Niall and Liam? “Hey, did Niall and Liam not make it?”

“I’m afraid not,” Zayn begins, then takes a sip of his drink before continuing. “Niall can’t afford a round trip ticket from Japan to Chicago for as long as you guys are here, and you know how expensive flights are from there. Plus, he’s running the music store with Miyumi. Liam is still on his honeymoon with Sophia. Oh, which reminds me,” He looks over his shoulder, motioning his co-workers towards him. “Lads, this is Dr. Dalia Fernandez,” She wore a little black dress and glittering sliver heels. She was tall, had a beautiful tan, long, wavy, dark brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. Dalia. What a beautiful name. “And this is Dr. Alanna Fernandez, Dalia’s older cousin.” Alanna had short brown hair, was tall, pale, had brown eyes, and wore a blue high-low dress with gold colored sandals. I can see Harry might fancy her because the key word was ‘older’. I might have to break it to him that she’s younger than us.

“Want to go get something to drink Dr. Fernandez?”

“I’d love to.” Hazza and Alanna walked away and it was just the three of u-

“You two mind if I go look for Kayla? She said she wanted me to look for her.” Uh oh.

“I-I don’t mind mate.”

“Go ahead Malik.” Zayn disappeared into the endless sea of celebs.

“So…what now?” I asked.

Dalia chugged down her cosmo and gave it to a stranger. “Wanna dance?”

“Sure, love.” She led me to the dance- “Wait, wait, and wait!”


Flashback interrupted by Harry


“So that’s it? You guys just danced the night away?”

“That’s exactly what happened.” I replied.

“I just don’t get it,” Harry took a sip of his Sprite. “Why did you two look at each other awkwardly when I asked how you two met?”

“I promised Alanna I’d never speak of it, but she’s not here so…”

“Dall, I don’t think Hazza wants to know the rest.”

“WHAT?!?” Harry slammed his hands onto the table. “What in bloody hell happened?!” People were staring at us.

“Uh. I think it’s time to go.” Said Dalia. We were going to leave anyway, but with Harry making a scene: we needed to retreat back to the hotel before anyone recognized two-fifths of what used to be 1D.



            As we got back from McDonald’s, Louie and I told Harry everything that happened. Oh! You wanted to know, didn’t you? It went a little something like this, according to Alanna.

Basically, Harry tried to spike Alanna’s drink when they were alone. However, Alanna knew better. So when Harry wasn’t looking, she swapped their drinks. He got drunk in a matter of minutes with whatever was in the drink. Alanna figured out that he wanted to get her drunk enough to have a one-night stand with her, and she was able to avoid it that same night. She hasn’t talked to Harry since, and he has no memory of that night.

            We were now sitting on the floor of what is Harry’s room but is supposed to be my room. “Ah man, do you think Alanna would still want to talk to me?” I snickered.


I was going to respond to Harry, but the laughter did most of the talking. “Talk to you? Hahaha!”

“What in bloody hell are you laughing at?!” Demanded Harry.

I wiped away tears that formed from laughing so hard. “You really think you still have a chance with my cousin? It has happened too many times that she encounters a douche trying to get her drunk to sleep with her. Also, don’t even try to waste your time with her.”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Why not?”

Okay, if I haven’t said it before, he’s getting me fired up right now. “Hazza, do we have to spell out everything for you? Tell him Louie.”

Louis got serious. “Mate, I have one word for you: Zayn.” Louis continued, “Alanna is in London with Zayn. Zayn and Kayla broke up, and there’s no telling what could happen.”

Harry smacked his hand onto his forehead. “Damn it! He beat me to her! Wait,” He hesitated for three seconds. “When did Zayn and Kayla break up?”

I just turned to Louie, who nodded in agreement to the unsaid question I asked him. “All right boys. It’s story time.”



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