[Book 1 of Complicated Trilogy]
“It may not be perfection, but it's complicated.”

Warning: Yellow—Contains mature content. Cursing is not censored.
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14. A Turn of the Tide


“Wow Harry, try and at least catch up. We all got a long night ahead of us!” Dalia got out her keys from her clutch purse and walked to her front door, quickly unlocking it.

Earlier, the three of us were leant against my Range Rover, eating cake. Was it really worth buying it? Dalia ripped her box open and immediately had scarfed down the cake like her life depended on it. I gave it about 3 more minutes. Damn, what was I thinking? I gave it 30 seconds. Louis ate his cake quite slower than Dall. The queen of cakes polished off her dessert and I haven’t even opened my box yet.

I rolled my eyes. “Hey, I don’t fancy sweets too much anymore. Besides, I could just stay here and be less of a third wheel.”

I held back my tongue. That's enough drama between Dalia and me for today. I need to be the mature one. Also, it slipped my mind that she's letting Louis and me stay in her house. No other compensation needed; just a night full of fun and alcohol. One thing did bother me. Why the hell did I become the third wheel?

It’s always this fucking cliché that your friend and his significant other either let you tag along or, in my case – drag you along by the collar of your shirt.

Louis grabs my shoulder. “C’mon Haz! You know it wouldn't be fun to spend your Friday night alone.” Dalia goes inside while Louis jerks me aside by the collar. He calls out towards her direction. “Be right there, love!” He looks over his shoulder and whispers, “She’s letting us stay here. Going out with her and buying her drinks is the least we can do.”

“I’m not a child, Louis. I can take care of myself. Besides, I’m basically the fucking third wheel to you two.”

Louis clears his throat. “I don’t give a shit. We are guests in her house. Quit having a tantrum and behave yourself.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine.” Glad to know where we stand as friends, Louie.

I threw my boots down by the doorway and headed straight to the nearest kitchen bar stool. I placed my box on the counter and opened it. What the hell? Did she? Ah, to hell with this. I ate the cake, pretending that I didn’t know someone had stealthily eaten a portion from it. Okay, the cake’s pretty good. From that moment on, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I was going to get as wasted as I could possibly get. In recent years, it had been my only way to cope with life.

Someone sat down next to me, I didn’t bother to look up. I just assumed it was my diva of a host. “I finished the cake Dalia, see?”

“Relax Harry, it’s just me.” Louis took out his phone. “It’s almost five. Should we decide now who’s going to be the designated driver?” I got up and threw away my take out box into the rubbish bin.

“Rock, paper, scissors.” I turned around to look at him.

“You can be serious.”

“Do you really want to be sober? Whoever wins gets to drink to their heart’s content.”

“Ouch man. That’s peer pressure 101 right there. Okay, rock. Paper. Scissors,” As soon as he finished saying scissors, we both stuck out our right hands. Paper. “Alright let's give it another go.”

“Rock, paper, scissors…” I had scissors and he had rock. So much for getting wasted.

The only thing that was good out of this was that we were taking Louie's Nissan Skyline and I didn't have to worry about possible messes in my car. Dalia came out of her room with a list of places to go to tonight. In order. There is nothing that expresses the significant amount of annoyance I feel right now. I don't hate Dalia. I really don't. But if we're going out tonight, why can't we just go do whatever?

Louis offered to drive to our first location of the night, since he would still be sober. Hollywood Park. The way Dalia described it reminds me of a Dave and Busters that I went to with the boys once. Only this place is a tad more family oriented. I wanted to look around the arcade inside, but Dalia insisted that we play the mini golf course.

“We could be here for hours in the arcade. Why waste money on game tokens instead of liquor?”

I swear to God I'm going to have a headache after today from rolling my eyes to much. Who cares about alcohol? I am a hypocrite because I did want to get wasted, but that isn't the only best thing about being an adult. Dall just doesn't seem to understand.

We start off at Hole 1 on the mini golf course. Not too bad. Louis starts bragging about how good he is at golf. Scoffing, I remind him that Niall’s better at this than we are. “Oh yeah?” He questions me. “Let’s see you try to play.”

Seventeen holes later, I had the highest score amongst the three of us. Dalia came in at second, and you guessed it. Louis had the lowest score possible. Even Niall would be at least somewhat embarrassed. Dalia whipped out her list and crossed off ‘mini golf’. “Where to next Doll- I mean Dalia?” I got to watch myself. I don’t want to be a pain in the arse and get kicked out of her house.

“Let’s see,” Dalia studied her list. “Anyone in the mood for some Starbucks? We could go to the Chi- oh wait. Never mind.”

“What? Where did you want to go love?” Louis asked.

She was trying to say that we could go to the Chicago Institute of Art, but they closed at five. Instead, she coaxed Louis into taking her shopping at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago in Rosemont. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was a Starbucks inside the outlet mall, I would’ve bailed as soon as I could. Luckily I had a caramel macchiato to keep me awake for the next two hours that Dalia spent dragging both me and Louie across the entire outlet mall. The entire time was spent following Dalia around inside a Forever 21. Occasionally, I would look over at Louis. He would say nothing and just smile at Dalia and give her simple answers to her questions. Whenever his gaze met mine, I knew that he was internally screaming: Help me Harry.

“Hey Dalia, I thought you wanted us to take you out drinking?” She turns away from the jewelry display and looks at me.

“You’re right. But normally I don’t get to go to the mall because of working non-stop at the hospital.” She lifted up all the items she picked up throughout the store. “Let me go ahead and pay for this and then we can go.”

Louis’s eyes brighten up as mouths out the words, Thank you. He ended up driving us back to Dall’s house just so she could go ahead and drop off all her fucking bags. I shit you not, there are about 10 bags or so of merchandise from just one store. One bloody store. Okay, that’s exaggerated. There was at least one bag from another store.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” She remembers, “I have to set up your sleeping arrangements.” She ran into her room, opened her closet, and all ten of her shopping bags flew to the bottom of the closet. She ran back out of her room and pointed to her room. “Louis, you’ll be sharing a room with me.” She winked at him. Is it that bad that I want to vomit right now? Because not long ago did I think I was in love with her. Louis went inside her room to leave his belongings. Dalia marks off ‘shopping’ from her list and looks up at me. “And Harry, you can follow me.”

We walked down the hallway that was next to her room. All the way down to a striped and floral door. Dalia turned the knob and opened up the room. “You can stay in my cousin’s room.” I put my suitcase down.

“Are you sure that it's fine? I don't want to be a burden.”

“As long as you don't dig through her drawers and sniff her panties, you're okay.” She walks out and then shouts out, “Don't take too long guys! We're going to the club tonight!”

What kind of sicko does she think I am? I kept thinking as I took a quick look around Alanna’s room. The walls were of a blue green color, there was a queen-size bed with dark purple bed sheets and matching comforter, dark brown night stands on both sides of the bed, and the closet doors match the design of the room’s door. Pretty spacey. I placed my suitcase on the side of the bed that was next to a small wooden vanity and plop onto the bed. The only thing that came to mind was to stretch out on it to see how comfortable it was going to be. Not too bad. Looks like my back won’t have to suffer tonight. Turning to my left side, I saw that there was a square boom box on the night stand. It’s small enough to be portable, but it looks like it’s the perfect size for CD’s.

What did Dalia say? Not to look through her drawers? Curiosity got the best of me and I opened the top drawer of the night stand. After all, I knew I wasn’t a sicko and sure as hell knew that Alanna wouldn’t mind; she’s not here. My jaw dropped as I peeked at her belongings. Under a midnight blue electric cigarette was all of the CD’s One Direction has ever released, Zayn’s solo album, Niall’s solo album, Louis’s solo album, and my solo album, Harry Styles. Oh and an album of Coldplay’s Head Full of Dreams album. I wonder why she doesn’t have a copy of Liam’s solo album. Oh wait…

“Harry! Come on mate! We’re going out now!” Louis shouted. “You can sleep later!” Fuck. I forgot we were still going out. I got up quickly from the bed and ran out of the door and down the hallway.

“Coming!” I respond. This was going to be a long and agonizing night. Not only was I going to be sober, but I had to tag along with these two for the night as their driver. When did life become so difficult?

Twenty minutes later, we are inside the most popular night club in the city, Studio Paris. The lads and I have been here so many times before, during our hiatus from One Direction. Such a wicked night club full of not so sober nights of partying. I had no choice but to bite the bullet this time so we can all get home safe and sound. We were sitting in the VIP area. I insisted on playing cool and not drawing so much attention to anyone inside the club. However, Dalia was having none of it. She wanted to sit on the sofas reserved for the very important people.

Already into their fifth round of drinks, the lovely couple that sat next to me on the black leather sofa were snogging. I sat with my legs crossed, turning away from the two who were biting each other’s lips off and drank my club soda. Oddly enough, it’s pretty satisfying. I got up from my seat and was heading back to the bar. “I’m going to go refill my drink. Anyone want anything?” Dalia and Louis broke away, wiping off each other’s saliva from their faces. Dalia was the first to speak.

“If it isn’t too much trouble, could you get us two shots of tequila? I don’t care what kind.” No, of course it is trouble and I probably shouldn’t have asked. You’ve already had three margaritas, a cosmopolitan, and a jack and coke. Why the fuck do you find this enjoyable? I walk away from the VIP area and head towards the bar.

“Two shots of…Patron I guess.” I said mumbling. I was surprised that the bartender heard me with the loud music playing in the background.

“Another Cuba Libre please.” I turned my attention towards the girl with a fair complexion and long dark hair. She was wearing a black floral tea dress with black small-heeled shoes. She seems familiar. “Hey! Eyes up here, Styles.” She motions with her hand.

“You recognize me?” I asked, shocked. I think I should go and warn Louis soon. The bartender handed her another Cuba Libre, and she handed him a 20 dollar bill.

“No shit,” She rolls her eyes. “What you doing in a club like this all alone? And shouldn’t you be in the VIP area?”

I drummed my fingers on the bar counter. “I tagged along with a friend and his date. They wanted shots, so here I am.”

“Are you sure that this friend didn’t drag you along?”

“Is it that obvious?” I scratched the back of my ear, knowing a grin started to form on my face. “Well, how come you’re here by yourself?” The dark haired girl buried her head into her hand.

“I needed a drink. I just came back home from a long trip and my fucking roommate didn’t answer any of my calls to come and pick me up,” She sipped her drink. “Sorry about the language.”

“No, no. It’s fine. I understand how it feels like to get screwed over by your mates.”

The girl turned her head slightly. “Has anyone ever told you that you kind of resemble Mick Jagger?”

I burst out laughing and shake my head. “Yeah, too many times. I did play him in a movie about the Rolling Stones.”

Man, meeting this girl is probably the highlight of my night. Time went on and I completely forgot about my club soda, the shots, Louis, and Dalia. Each and every word she said mesmerized me. Her voice was an escape from my current situation. The trance broke as soon as the bartender set the two shots on a small tray for me.

She points towards the VIP area while finishing her drink. “You should probably get back to your friends.”

“I don’t think they’ll be missing me anytime soon. They’re making out. I’m just their driver for the night.”

“Hey Styles, being a designated driver is a huge responsibility,” She slightly furrowed her brows while glancing at her phone. “Ah shit, my Uber is here.” She placed some dollar bills on the counter. “That’s for the shots.” She told the bartender. She kissed my cheek. “Nice to meet you Harry.” Grabbing her purse, she adjusted her dress and went on her way.

“Wait!” I shouted out. “What’s your name?”

She shouted back, “Not important! See you later Mick.” She winks at me. Fuck, I should probably get back to Louis and Dall.

I grabbed the shots from the counter and walked back to the VIP area. Luckily, the lovebirds haven’t noticed I was gone. I handed them the shots and the rest was history. “H-Harry. Let’s go. I can’t drink anymore.” It’s about damn time.

In the end, both drank to their heart’s content. Also, they made me stop by Taco Bell for food because they were starving. Okay, I was hungry too. So it wasn’t too bad. On the bright side, they weren’t as wasted as I presumed. We ate in the parking lot next to the Taco Bell and made Louis throw away the trash after we were done. Looks like I'm getting better at rock, paper, and scissors.

Finally, we made it home. I parked and unloaded the horny teens from the car. An appropriate nickname for these two. They can’t keep their hands off of each other. If I end up seeing something I shouldn’t see tonight, that number 11 combo from Taco Bell was going to make an appearance. When we got inside, they ran to Dalia’s room and slammed the door shut, with a brief click of the door handle. Lovely. I hope the walls aren’t thin…

I made a stop in the loo before going to bed. As I put my hand on the door handle, I hear a faint sound. And then it hits me. Is that Only Angel playing?

…Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door

I got splinters in my knuckles crawling across the floor…

I turned the door knob and walk inside, my eyes suddenly deceiving me. In front of me was the girl from the Studio Paris Night Club that I had chatted up, wearing a black lace nightgown and was sat on the bed. She puffs out smoke from the midnight blue electric cigarette in her left hand. “Oh hey Mick Jagger. Did you miss me?” She winked at me.

My jaw drops. She shushed me immediately before I said anything. “Careful, wouldn’t want to disturb the two who are hot for each other next door. And to answer your question,” She turned off her cigarette, placed it on the nightstand, and walked towards me. “I live here.” My eyes widened.

“Alanna…” Why did it take me so long to figure out who she was? Granted, the club was somewhat dark and the club was loud, but somehow I had remembered a glimpse of her. That, and her black floral tea dress was hanging on her closet door.

“Took you long enough.” Alanna placed her hands on my shoulders and moved closer to me, her hips against mine. Slowly moving her hands down to my chest, she made eye contact with me and raised an eyebrow. “Since when do you button your shirts all the way up?”

“Management,” I let out. “They controlled most of what we did in the band. I, uh, like to button them up all the way.” Why am I so nervous in front of her?

“Did they teach you to close drawers too or did you skip that lesson?” Shit. I forgot to close the damn thing before I left to go to Studio Paris. “Oh Harry, your face is turning pink. That embarrassed? Don’t be.” She guided me and pushed me onto the bed. I didn’t know what to do; she had me in a trace. In no time Alanna was straddling my thighs and grabbed the collar of my shirt. “Here. Let me help you with this.”

She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pushed enough of it away to expose my butterfly tattoo. Reaching down and touching my abdomen to only circle her index finger around my tattoo sent chills to my spine. Alanna mouthed out the words, ‘relax’. She stopped tracing the outline of my tattoo and placed her hand on the bed. “Harry, I've always wanted to ask you something. Is this a tattoo of a butterfly or a moth?” I didn't respond. Alanna bent down and kissed my butterfly tattoo.

…I must admit I thought I'd like to make you mine

As I went about my business through the warning signs…

“God, you're giving me goose bumps, Alanna.” I said after mustering all the courage I had to respond.

“Oh, the womanizer finally talks!” She clapped her hands together. “I was afraid you lost interest.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Why would I lose interest? You're one to talk, Alanna.”

“And why is that?”

I scoffed. “You're a fucking gorgeous woman in lingerie, who is currently on me, and thinks I won't lose any interest of whatever she says.” Her expression began to lighten and her cheeks began to turn a light shade of peach. Or was it her makeup? She laughed as she tried getting off of me. “Where do you think you're going, cutie?” God damn, her perfume was getting to me as well.

As soon as she got up, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back into the bed.

She pretended to try and break free. “I forgot to take off my makeup.” Minutes went by and we continued to lay on the bed. I kept embracing her, laying my head on her shoulder. I told her that it didn’t matter now. All I wanted to is taste the Cuba Libre on her lips. I just wanted her.

…she's gonna be an angel, just you wait and see

When it turns out she's a devil in between the sheets

and there's nothing she can do about it…


I slowly opened my eyes and sat up in the bed. The sunlight poked through the curtains of the window above the bed. Jesus fucking Christ. Was it all a dream?

It wasn't until I got up from the bed that I realized I was completely nude. Where the hell did my pants go? I looked around at the floor, no pants to be found. I looked at the night stand next to me and was relieved to find them laying there folded. Even my shirt, blazer, and trousers were neatly folded. I opened my suitcase and got dressed. Nothing too complicated. I just grabbed my teddy bear pajama bottoms.

When I opened the bedroom door, there was a sweet odor coming from down the hallway – it wasn’t a dream.

In the kitchen was Alanna, flipping pancakes on an electric griddle. “Good morning sleeping beauty,” She says while smiling. “Have some chocolate chip pancakes and take a seat.” After I stacked pancakes for myself on a plate, Alanna flipped the last one and placed it on the rest of the stack, covering it with aluminum foil. “Oh, did you want coffee or milk? Here’s the syrup. There’s strawberry jam too if you prefer that.”

“Coffee’s fine.” I grinned. Part of me felt guilty. This lovely woman who I have hurt years ago gave me her heart last night, made us pancakes, and now is getting me coffee. I don’t deserve her. Yet I’m still here…

“What’s wrong Harry?” She placed the cup of coffee in front of me. “Oh, sorry. Are you vegan?”

I raised up my hands in defense. “No, no! The pancakes are fine!” I looked at her again. She must be a morning person. She was already dressed in black trousers and a red violet ruffled blouse. “Are you going out or something?”

“I’ll tell you in a bit.” She was looking over my shoulder. I turned around and saw a very sleepy Louis approaching the kitchen.

“What’s with all the noise Ha-” Louis froze at the sight of Alanna. “Alanna, what are you doing here?”

She shakes her head. “How come no one believes I live here?” She opens a cabinet and hands Louis a plate. “Chocolate chip pancakes. There's the toppings, milk’s in the fridge, and if you want coffee— it's in the coffee maker.” I believe she only sounded bitter because of how Louis asked her why she was in her own home. Regardless, Louis quietly thanked her. Time went on while Louis and I ate our breakfast. Alanna was in a rush to clean the kitchen. I offered to help, but she declined.

Alanna stops in her tracks, a smile was forming on her lips. Dalia with her big frizzy hair and nightgown after a long night makes her way to the kitchen. “Hey guys are you making break–”

Alanna cuts her off. “Good morning sunshine.”

Dalia screamed bloody murder. She began to tremble as if she had seen a ghost.

“Wow Louis, I didn’t know that with just looking at you she could scream like that.” Louis gave me a combined look of shock and embarrassment for himself. Alanna finished washing more dishes and sat down at the counter with her coffee.

“How?” Dalia sat down on the bar stool next to Louis. “I thought you would be gone longer. When did you land?! You could have called me.” She got some pancakes from the stack and started eating. “I didn’t see your-”

Alanna slammed her hands on the kitchen counter, interrupting Dalia mid-sentence. “Keke still is watching my car. I landed back at Midway last night. But by the looks of it,” She points at Louis. “It looks like you didn’t give a shit to check your phone and see the four fucking missed calls from your dear cousin that wanted, desperately, to go the fuck home.” Dalia tried to speak, but Alanna interjected. “Hey! I’m not done! I took a taxi home, said ‘fuck it I need a drink’, got ready and called an Uber, went to Studio Paris, had a drink or two, and went back home.”

At this point, all of us were silent and continued to stare at the furious Alanna. She poured the rest of her coffee down the kitchen sink. This will remind me never to cross her, ever. She looked at her Apple Watch. “Fuck this. I’m going to be late to work. My Uber is waiting outside.”

“B-but we usually don’t go to work this early.” Dalia whimpers out.

Alanna goes to her room and walks back with her black cross-body purse, while also slipping on a white lab coat and hanging a mint colored stethoscope around her neck. “Haven’t you talked to Keisha? News flash, Zayn quit. Big time.”

Dalia’s eyes widened. “What?! Why?”

Alanna just shrugs. She explains that our good friend Zayn has decided to pick up music again, making him in Alanna’s eyes, a huge arsehole. And now Alanna was given the position of Hospital Medic Manager. She shakes her head. “Pays more, but it’s a fucking pain in the ass.”

Dalia has built up more courage to ask more questions. “Did you and Za-”

“Don’t say his fucking name!” Alanna took out her car keys. “And for your information, no, I didn’t.” She places her hand on my shoulder. “I had this guy to keep me company all night.” She kisses my cheek and whispers into my ear. “Feel free to stay as long as you want. I’ll be back at midnight.” She kissed me behind the ear, went out the front door and slammed it shut. My cheeks began to feel hot.

Dalia gets up from her seat and starts to clean up the kitchen. Louis leans over and smirks at me. “So, looks like you had a fun night after all, huh Haz?”

I pushed him away. “Fuck off, Lou.” I couldn’t keep back the smile. “Okay, yeah I did.” I mumbled.

“Atta boy Harry!” Louis let out a chuckle.

At that point, Dalia was fed up about us talking about her cousin. So she forced us to help her clean the kitchen. Well, she forced Louis. I slipped away in time to take a shower.

I couldn't believe Alanna was into me. Who would have thought?


Been a while, huh?

I dedicate this chapter to Dalia. Happy Birthday.

Today's date: 6/21/17

Anyway, more on the way. I just like editing.

All the Love I can type,


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