Daughter of The Snake

Before Medusa was changed by an angered Athena, she became pregnant with Poseidon's child. This daughter was born half goddess half Gorgon, thus making her a half-blood.
Cover by the great Dystopia.


3. Chapter 2

"She's waking up. Can you hear me?" A voice I don't know says. I open my eyes and see bright lights of what looks like an infirmary my stomach hurts and my throat is dry. The girl has light blonde hair tied in a pony tail and grey eyes. 

"Where am I?" I ask in a shaky voice. Looking around there is almost nobody else in here besides me and the girl.

"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. I'm Annabeth daughter of Athena. Also before you ask Camp Half-Blood is a place where the sons and daughters of the gods and goddesses come." Annabeth says and continues "Usually we don't let monsters come in, but as soon as you washed up on shore you were claimed by Poseidon. So we took that as a sign you were nice."

She irritates me, you don't call someone a monster. That's rude. Also her mom's Athena, instantly a flaw to me. "What happened to me?" I ask her, glaring. 

She gives me a look and hands me a cup of amber liquid. "First drink that, it will help you feel better." I down the small gulp she gave me and she continues "Well you washed up on shore, like I said, MY boyfriend was walking on the beach and saw you. Then he brought you here." When she says 'MY boyfriend' in that tone it is kind of creepy, I'm guessing she is tad bit overly obsessed. 

"Okay. Umm my name's Livia. When do I get out of here?" I ask hoping she doesn't get mad at me for asking to much questions. She opens her mouth to start to answer when a a boy with black hair and green eyes walks in. 

"Well actually Lunch is starting soon, and you seem well enough so why don't you come eat?" The boy walks over and kisses Annabeth, I avert my gaze. He then continues "Oh, by the way my name's Percy, I'm your half-brother" I look him over and see some resemblances our eyes perhaps, and our noses. Though I know one thing, definitely not our hair.

"Hi... Well it's nice to meet you... I'm Livia." I say and shake his hand. " I would really enjoy eating lunch with you. I'm starved." I say trying to be nice still. 

"Fine,  here's some clothes for you." Annabeth says getting out clothes from her bag. She hand me an orange shirt and some jeans. Totally not my style. "Go over there and change, we will wait here." She say pointing. I get up and go change. The shirt is big and the jeans are perfect. I hope they will let me get different clothes though. I walk back over and they walk out of the room me trailing.


We are sitting at a wooden table, with me on the end eating lunch. My lunch consists of an orange and a sandwich, I had also grabbed a muffin, but no one told me we had to sacrifice an innocent lunch item to the gods. I can't look at Annabeth and Percy because they are being lovey dovey and if I watch for too long I will hurl. I hear a clip clop noise and look to see another guy sitting at our table. 

"DUDE! You won't believe this, but Juniper is broke up with me... WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?" He says in a very sad voice. 

"Death, the meaning of life is death. I mean death is what controls life so... Yeah. SOrry that probably didn't help you out, sorry about the girl breaking up with you and all. But yeah the meaning of life is death." I say instantly feeling awkward when they all stare at me. 
"I know someone you will get along with, yeah you'll get along with him alright." Percy says pointing at a boy in the corner. He has messy black hair and is wearing dark clothes. Percy continues "His names Nico, Nico di Angelo."

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