Jonah's Story.

In Frankfort, Kentucky a former orphan joins the local Middle School, to start his education. Jonah Hill runs into friends,and not-so friendly people also known as bullies. He defends himself the best a shy kid like himself can, but always runs into issues. His background triggers the bullies attention, online and offline. Jonah gets so upset he......
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1. The Cast.

                                                                The cast:

                                                                  Jonah Hill

                                                          Mark Twainson (The bully)

                                                  Susan Marlow (Jonah's only friend)

                                                           Carlos Cena ( Bully #2)

                                                        Matthew Bennet (Bully #3)

                                                          Kenny Cook (Bully #4)

                                                              Jonah's Parents

                                                    Jasmine Hill (Jonah's little sister)

   If you want me to post chapter 1 then like this and comment down below something you want me to use in the story, names, events, towns, anything. If i use your idea i will mention you in my story bio! Thx ~JaciBoo_22                                                     

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