Jonah's Story.

In Frankfort, Kentucky a former orphan joins the local Middle School, to start his education. Jonah Hill runs into friends,and not-so friendly people also known as bullies. He defends himself the best a shy kid like himself can, but always runs into issues. His background triggers the bullies attention, online and offline. Jonah gets so upset he......
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2. Chapter 1

Every morning I wake up, and i remember my life as an orphan. I knew i would remember this part of my life forever, but i never really thought it effect it this much. Here's my story.


October 5th, 2013


When I was seven years old my Mom threw me on the side the road and said she would be back, but she never came. I was scared, so i hid in a little dent in the dirt big enough for me to fit in, just so no one would see me. I was alone for many nights, I was hungry too, but there wasn't anything a seven year old really can do for himself. After about three days of waiting for my mom i decided to go somewhere. I started walking and got to a place called Sherley Homes and I asked for some food, because I was very hungry. I explained that my mom had left me a few days ago, and she never came back. She didn't give me money, or food, or anything but the clothes i was wearing and the slap marks she had made on me before she threw me out. That's right she also abused me. I got over it, though I was just happy to be alive. I've never met my Dad before, i found out he killed himself when i was three, from my grandma. My Grandma passed away too, when i was about six. I've always had to kinda take care of myself, at a really young age too, but i'm really shy, so I don't like asking for help, because I always feel i will be yelled at or slapped, or kicked, or something painful. I guess its because my mom's abusing lifestyle, but sometimes I have to get over it, if i really really need help.


After I went to the Sherley Homes, I was taken by the lady who I asked for food, and I could barely hear her talking to another lady she was explaining my story to, because i was still in pain from hitting my head when my mom threw me out so i was dead on focused on my pain, then she told me everything was going to be okay, that I was gonna have better, I was confused, because i was young, i went along and trusted the lady. Now I realise that "Sherley Homes" is a orphan center. Where I lived in until I was eleven years old. Now i'm thirteen years old, and I was adopted by the best parents ever, they don't abuse me, or drink, or smoke, or do drugs, its all... Perfect! I have been homeschooled up until now, because tomorrow I start my first day of eighth grade, its the middle of the year so i will be the "new kid",because i am shy i may not make many friends , but i'm not worried i have gone a long time with no friends. Oh ya time for the quote. " Sometimes life isn't perfect, but at some point in everybody's life, it will be."



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