The 100: Emily Ashwood

"I haven't down anything!" I scream, "let me go!" They're going to float me. I flail my arm out with force, trying to throw a punch. The guard flinches with fear clouding his eyes, "you're going to earth, all of you," he grabs my arm. My heart feels like its plummeting to my feet. We're going to the ground... My name is Emily Ashwood. Number 75.


4. Why do I even care?

We wander through the forest enjoying the freedom. Except Clarke. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what fun is. We're kind of walking in pairs. Jasper and Monty at the back me and Octavia in the middle and Finn and Clarke striding ahead. I wonder how we all got here.

"We have to hurry up," she interrupts my thoughts. I roll my eyes at her but only Octavia sees. I'm joking of course. She stifles a laugh.

Finn turns to us and asks Monty and Jasper why they were arrested. They say the wee stealing plants. I give a smirk.

"Yeah for drugs," I speak. Again Octavia tries not to laugh.

"What about you then?" Finn's questioning gaze turns to me. I flip my already messy hair over my shoulder.

"It's all their fault," I playfully punch Monty's arm, "My best friend and I were gardeners on the Ark. And well these two used to come and get plants off of us. We would let them have it. But when we saw them running from guards with these plants in their arms, I thought we could hold the guards off. Amanda and I attacked trying to let them get away. We were going to make a run for it. It didn't work out. However I'm not a strong person and I got held still by a guard and I couldn't do anything about it," I explain as we walk on, "I managed to get out of his grasp and the last thing I remember is two Jasper running towards me," I finish, "I'm assuming they shot us with a tranquilliser dart,"

Monty nodded, "They did," we move on. Finn turns to Octavia.

"What did you do?"

"I was born," she smoothly replies and pushes past him and runs up to Clarke. Oh.

Clarke hushes us all. And points at a deer. Just like the one in my story. My face lights up. Finn moves slightly. Crack. A twig snaps. The deer turns around and it has two heads. What? My heart jumps and my jaw drops. I quickly close it. We move on. I don't really want to see any animals of they look like that. Octavia finds a lake. She runs down the small hill towards it. She starts taking off her clothes.

"What're you doing?" I call out to her. She ignores me.

"I love Earth," Jasper comments. With a bit of a dazed, excited look on his face. I roll my eyes. She jumps into the water. I bring out the book I brought here. And the charcoal I managed to sharpen. I use the charcoal to write with. I sit down and start to write.

"Earth is amazing. It has it's flaws but it's good to be free from the horrible ark." I write, "we're going to have to be careful. There are two dead already. And a fight broke out earlier. If we're going to survive, we're going to have to co-operate with each other," I finish, with my name at the bottom of the page.

"What are you doing?" Monty looks over my shoulder. I begin to explain and a scream comes from the water. I leap up, shoving the old book into my bag. Octavia thrashes around in the water. A creature attacking her. Before I can do anything to help her, Jasper throws his self into the water. If they die, I swear to god. He puts up a fight with the creature and drags Octavia onto shore. I let out a sigh of relief. She is safe. They get up. Clarke warns her about safety. She shrugs it off and thanks Jasper. I smile. We move on. Thank god. We don't need anyone else getting killed by a sea creature. I notice that Octavia has a big cut on her leg. I heard the Clarke is like a doctor or something.. Maybe she'll fix it. I go over to Jasper and Octavia.

"Are you okay?" I look at her. I know she's a bit panicked. She nods I turn to Jasper, "that was brave," I look him in the eyes.

We walk on. Soon we've come to a problem. We must rope swing across this lake thing to get the stuff. I sigh.

"Of course. This makes sense.Why would it be so simple?" I joke. Jasper volunteers to go first. He swings across. I can only imagine what he's feeling. The wind in his hair and the great feeling of freedom. He lands with a bump. I can't help myself but feel anxious. He gets up. And I try not to look too relieved. Jasper holds up the paper. I can't see what's written on it. I slowly blink happily and. I look up to see Jasper on the end of a spear. Right through his chest. I feel like I'm being strangled. I can't breathe. My heart drops. Jasper.. Is dead. I guess Monty realised what I was going to do next before I did. He clamps his hand over my mouth. I try to scream but Monty is holding me too tightly. I panic, breathing heavily and shaking. He can't be dead.

"We're not alone," Clarke whispers.

"Well no shit Clarke," I break free from Monty's grasp. Then I stop myself from getting angry. They begin to take off for camp. Finn pulls me along. I have to be strong. I can feel a lump in my throat and I know I'm going to cry. I pull myself away from him and run. I start running in the direction we came from, each step I took I was getting more upset. I stop behind a tree. He can't have just died. And then I break down. Tears streaming down my face. I'm not strong enough for this. Why do I even care so much about him? We don't even know each other that well. I try and pull my thoughts together. We can't just leave him. My heart starts beating faster. I run letting the tears roll down my cheeks.

Before I can get my hands out, I trip up. I lie on the ground. A spear lands next to my right shoulder...

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