The 100: Emily Ashwood

"I haven't down anything!" I scream, "let me go!" They're going to float me. I flail my arm out with force, trying to throw a punch. The guard flinches with fear clouding his eyes, "you're going to earth, all of you," he grabs my arm. My heart feels like its plummeting to my feet. We're going to the ground... My name is Emily Ashwood. Number 75.


22. Cry for you

"They killed her, they just killed her," my voice seems much less mature, "she did nothing," I break down in tears. My mother is gone. We are sat in a room. A room I recognise as the garden centre in the ark. The reassuring scent of Amanda hugs me and slowly disappears as I slide back into reality..

Silence. Voices come and go.. My eyes slowly blink open. It's blurry but I can just make out Clarke's face.

"Who let her out?" She demands. My hearing is wonky.

"Amanda," I whisper, "where is she?" I croak. Clarke's eyes widen and my vision focuses a little.

"Thank god," she sighs. She sounds genuinely relieved.

"Clarke?" I ask, realising how ill I sound, "why am I still sick? Everyone else is almost better," I look down at myself. I can almost see all of my veins clearly.. That can't be good. I am as white as a sheet..

"Because you're weak," she tells me firmly, "and you thought it'd be a great idea to go swimming," her voice is now stern. That was stupid of me. Then I remember.

"Is Jasper okay?" I croak, "has he got the virus?"

"No, he shows no symptoms," she tells me.

"And Amanda? Where is she?" I ask. Clarke is busy trying to clean up my face, "Clarke!" I bark at her. I now have her attention, "Am I going to die?"

Then I am surprised, Clarke hugs me.. That's not an answer, "no you're not aloud to die,"

"Then why can't I breathe right now?" I screech. It's too late

"Clarke!" I scream at her, but she's gone. No. I can't die. I've got to stay here with Amanda, and Jasper and Monty too. I start breathing heavily and panicking.

"Clarke," I wheeze. Surprisingly again Murphy appears and shifts me into a better position. I can instantly breathe again. However I don't trust Murphy after I think he tried to kill me. Clarke finally came back but I explained that I couldn't breathe because of the position I was in. She explained why the position let me stop breathing but I wasn't really listening.

I've been in here for hours. I'm really tired but I don't want to sleep. There is crashing and I look to the dropship door. Standing there is a worn out looking Jasper. He looks exhausted.. No wonder.. It must be like midnight. Wait.. Jasper got into the dropship! I try and jump up and find that I can actually stand! Surprising and pleasing at the same time. I guess I'm healing quicker than I thought. I decide against running and quickly walk over to Jasper. I hug him. Our lips clash together again. I realise how much I've actually missed him. And we hadn't even been apart that long.

"Are you okay?" He whispers. I smile.

"Yes, are you?" I question him, pulling out of his embrace. Grabbing his face, I study him for bleeding. No. Clarke's right he's not showing any symptoms.

"Yes," he smiles. We stand with my arms around his neck and he has his hands on my waist.

"Where is Amanda? Is she okay?" I ask. I hear the panic in her voice.

"She's... Okay. She's out there," Jasper answers. Okay? She's OKAY? What does that mean? I guess Jasper noticed the panic expression on my face, "well she's not very great. We're keeping her calm.. Or trying to.. And we're trying to keep her happy," no no no. She's got to be fine. I need to see her.. And "We're trying to keep her happy?" We're? Does that mean Monty and Jasper made up. I hope they did.

"Does she know you're in here seeing me?" My eyes widen. Jasper shakes his head. Oh..

"Listen, I've got to go check on Monty and Amanda," he gives me a sad smile and kisses me one last time. And then he's gone.

It's been another few hours and I must admit, I feel better. Not the best but better than violently shaking. Bellamy has actually come in here. It was a while ago. I don't know what's wrong though. He hobbles over to my hammock. He has blood in between his mouth and nose. His tanned skin is sweaty and his hair sticks to his forehead. He's been effected by the virus.

"Are you going okay?" He asks me. I nod. His voice sounds weak and breathy

"Yes, and you?" I ask, returning the question. He shrugs.

"I want Amanda to be okay," he says. I'm taken aback. Amanda? They always did have a bit of chemistry...

"Me too," then I'm not really sure why I felt the need to do this but I did. I got up and hugged him. And he hugged me back. It was a platonic hug though, not an embrace. I can feel my eyes leaking and I pray I'm not crying blood again. I pull away and realise it's just tears. Salty ones, not warm red tears.

Bellamy turned to walk back to the other side of the ship.

"Belle?" I ask, not ready for him to leave me, "do you remember when you told me Amanda has to cry sometime?"

"Yes, why?" He turns to face me. He sounds perplexed and worn down.

"She would cry for you," I tell him. Bellamy gives me a look and he knows I'm not lying. He turns and limps back to his bed. I needed him to know that.

I sit back down and find myself drifting off to sleep. But only for a few minutes. I'm awoken by the sound of people crashing around. How rude. I sit up to see who.

Amanda! It's Amanda. I have woken up to see her just as she launches a dagger at Eilidh's shoulder... Not again. I don't take notice of Eilidh or if it hits her. I leap up and try to run. But it's not happening. I half run over to them and grow myself at Amanda in a hug...

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