The 100: Emily Ashwood

"I haven't down anything!" I scream, "let me go!" They're going to float me. I flail my arm out with force, trying to throw a punch. The guard flinches with fear clouding his eyes, "you're going to earth, all of you," he grabs my arm. My heart feels like its plummeting to my feet. We're going to the ground... My name is Emily Ashwood. Number 75.


25. Crazed Thoughts

The camp doesn't feel so crowded. It's not empty but.. It feels emptier... I don't know why. It's later on in the day, it's been raining a little bit. Hey, you know who I haven't really seen around? Eilidh. Which could be a problem. She probably ran off because 'she can do it herself,' ugh I hate her so much.

Then something catches my eye, Jaxen coming out of his tent.. Wait... Of course. That slut-faced bitch is in there.

I storm through the camp and slide into the orange tent.

"I knew it!" I snarl as I spot Eilidh with an unhealthy looking leg.

"Can I help you?" She flips her hair and stares at me.

"You little bitch!" I screech, rage taking over me.

"What did I do wrong now?" She asks, every word she says just makes my anger intensify.

"You're messing up Amanda and Jaxen's family relationship!" I glare, "he chose her! Can't you back off?" I scream. Maybe she can't even handle rejection, she's pathetic!

"If he truly chose her, then why am I staying in his tent?" Eilidh snaps. I don't reply. Why IS he letting her stay in his tent, "Huh?" She asks again. I sigh.

"Okay fine! Don't use your brain!" She grins, "oh wait you don't have one, how sensitive of me,"

That comment is so stupid and unoriginal it makes me want to laugh in her face. Then a new feeling surged through me. I could just kill her. I have a knife.. And she is in no fit state to fight....

Eilidh sniggers, snapping me out of my crazed thoughts.

"All I'm saying is leave them alone," I sigh, refraining myself from attacking.

Another voice joins us in the tent, "Get out," it's Clarke, I'm in no mood to deal with two bitches.

"What?" I snap.

"No visitors, get out!" She repeats, physical pushing me out of the tent. What does she think she's doing? I guess I'm glad, if is been in there with that whore any longer I think I'd have killed her...

I am now stood outside, wondering what would have happens if I had taken the chance to kill her...

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