I'm Made Of Wax, Larry. What Are You Made Of?

""You are living the life that I wanted with Harry. Thanks, Lou."
-Niall Horan.


1. 1


"Niall! He did it again! He cheated on me with Eleanor!" Harry says, chocking on his tears. "How didn't I see this coming! Why am I so stupid!" He yells, bringing his hands up to his hair, pulling at it. I put my hands on the ones that were on his head, carefully removing them, placing one of his hands in mine. I rub my thumb over his hand.


"You're not stupid, Harry. If anything Louis is stupid for even looking at someone that isn't you. You're amazing, and beautiful." I say, softly, looking up into his green eyes. He looks right back into mine. He sniffles, taking his hand out of mine harshly.


"Don't touch me!" He shouts, automatically making me move away from him. "I-I'm sorry." I say, quietly. He gets up tugging at his hair again. "Don't talk to me, anymore!"


He automatically runs out my hotel door, slamming it shut. I sit there dumbfounded confused about what just happened. I take a deep breathe, feeling myself shiver. Sadness was about to take over my body.



"Niall?" Someone says, shaking me lightly. "Yes?" I groan, pulling my sheets over my head. The person grabbed them taking them down, slowly, so my blonde hair was now noticeable. "We have an interview today, and I wanted to make sure you ate before we went, so you wouldn't be grumpy." By the person saying that I automatically knew it was Liam.


I quietly sit up, not saying anything. "Are you okay, mate?" He asks, quietly. I nod, running a hand through my hair. "Yeah, I'm fine." I smile, fakely. "Why wouldn't I be?" I get up, stretching. I could feel Liam's eyes staring at me, which made me kinda uncomfortable. I was just in a pair of my boxers. I shake my head. Liam's straight, it's fine.


I walk over to my suitcase, grabbing it off the floor and placing it on the bed next to him. I grab a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, and a plain white t-shirt that we're folded nicely since Liam had folded them before we left the tour bus. Liam coughs, awkwardly. "So, how are you and Kendall doing?" I was dating Kendall Jenner, and the sad part is, that I knew she was unfaithful with me. She had been shagging Louis for the past two months, I've caught them, and yet I'm still with her.


"We are fine." I say, sliding my shirt on. "How are you and Sophie?" He puts his hand behind his neck. "Terrible." He says, looking down at his feet. I grab my jeans, putting my legs in the leg holes, before pulling them up and buttoning them. I zip up my suitcase before putting it down on the floor beside the bed. I stand up in front of Liam.


"Why, what happened?" I ask, placing my finger on his chin, making him look up at me. I place my hand down from his chin after he was looking at me. His eyes started roaming up and down my body again. His eyes stop when they look at my crotch. I look at him, and then look down to see where is eyes had stopped. He had his hand on my jeans zipper, slowly pulling it up. My breath hitches, while watching him.


He moves his hands to my waist, standing up. I look up at him, since he was taller than me. I couldn't say anything, I was in complete shock. "Because I fell for you. That's why things are terrible with Sophie." I swallow hard. "L-Liam... I'm not gay." I whisper, quietly. He looked at me, and slowly leaned down, and so did I. I couldn't control what I was doing anymore- I was mesmerized by him. Our lips slowly connected, sending shivers throughout my body.


"NIALL! WAKE UP!" Louis yelled, after opening my door. I automatically pull away from Liam, running into the living room. "Why are you running?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "I'm just happy to see you." I smile, as Liam walks out of my room. "I already came to wake him up, Lou." He says, walking over to the door. "Come on guys we have an interview to go to, since we wasted twenty minutes we can just tell Paul to get us McDonalds or something after sound good?" Lou nodded, as he walked over to next to Liam, who opened the door. I walked out the door following them down into the lobby.

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