Kidnapped By Irwin

Rose Comet Sea was the schools nerd. Ashton Fletcher Irwin was the schools bad boy. What happens when Ashton sets eyes on her, and scares her every day of her life; and finally kidnaps her? What will happen to Rose? Will she still be the same, innocent little girl everyone thought she was? Or will she be different? What happens when she meets Lucas Robert Hemmings? Read to find out.


1. Ze Zhole Ztory

Rose Comet Sea was the schools nerd.

Ashton Fletcher Irwin was the schools bad boy.

What happens when Ashton sets eyes on her, and scares her every day of her life; and finally kidnaps her? What will happen to Rose? Will she still be the same, innocent little girl everyone thought she was? Or will she be different? What happens when she meets Lucas Robert Hemmings? Read to find out.

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I walked into school, and everyone looked at me. Shit. I knew I shouldn't have worn this dress. Walking awkwardly to my locker, I saw Ashton standing there. Great. Not. I reached my locker, and tried to open it. Ashton put his hand in front of my locker. "Not so fast, Princess!" He smirked. I shivered at his voice. "Follow me!" I shook my head. "I-I-I gotta g-g-get to c-class!" I stuttered. His gaze darkened. "What did you say?" He growled. I shrieked underneath his glare. He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me out of the school. This is not going to end well. We reached a car, and he opened the door. "Get in." He ordered. Not wanting to anger him again, I climbed in. Ashton jogged around to the other side, and hopped in and started the car. He looked over at me. "We're gonna go somewhere and have a little fun, got that?" He smirked. I started shaking in fear. He laughed, and drove out of the school parking lot. I looked out the window, and saw that we were passing by my house. Mom? Can you hear me? Please save me! I tried to send her a mind message, but of corse it didn't work. The car pulled into a driveway, and Ashton stopped the car. Getting out and opening the door, he motioned for me to get out. I ignored him and started thinking of my cat, Cornfield. Ashton grabbed my wrist, and yanked me out of the car. I fell into him, and he slammed the door shut. Pulling me inside his house, I felt my dress being pulled off. "No!" I yelled. Ashton slapped me across the face. "Don't yell, or I'll REALLY make this hurt!" I nodded and shivered again. He succeeded in taking off my dress, and took of his shirt and skinny jeans. He grabbed my wrist again, and pulled me into another room. "My bedroom, where all the magic happens!" He smirked. I started shaking again, and Ashton looked my body up and down. I inwardly smirked. I had a super toned belly, and super toned legs. I thank the mountain trails for that! My inward smirking ended when Ashton grabbed my wrist, which now has a bruise on it, and threw me on his bed. He laid on top of me, and ripped off my bra. He grabbed my breasts, and I cried out in pain. He looked at me shocked, and rubbed my breasts. "Umm, why did you cry out when that was supposed to feel good? Oh wait, let me answer that for you. I've never been laid before. Got it!" He laughed again, asking and answering a question. Tears rolled down my cheeks as he yanked off my panties, and pulled off his boxers. Taking a condemn, he opened it and slipped it on. He stared at me again, and forced his way inside of me. I screamed in pain, and Ashton smirked again. Thrusting hard into me, he went faster and faster, and was soon panting. I, on the other hand, was crying and screaming in pain. He cummed into the condemn, and threw it away. He laid next to me and wrapped a arm around me. I tensed up, and he sighed. I tried scooting away from him, but he held onto me tighter. I sighed, and gave up. Ashton sensed my defeat, and put rested his head on my shoulder. Still tensed, I moaned in pain. He gasped. "Did it really hurt that bad?" He asked. I ignored him, and tried to get out of his grasp. "I asks you a question, ya know!" He stated. Sighing, I nodded. "Yes, it DID hurt that bad!" I said in a small voice. Ashton sighed again, and threw me my clothes. "I'll drive you home, ok?" He asked. "No!" I yelled. He looked at me weirdly. Shit. "Why not?" He asked, curiosity in his voice. I sighed again. "My dad, he's the only one home. He-he-he, umm, does stuff to me..." Ashton stared at me. "What kind of stuff?" God, Ashton! "Stuff that's really privet!" I answered. He looked mad. Great. "Please tell me, and I'll beat him up my self!" He growled. I shook my head. "It can't happen. I'm sorry, Ashton. My dad won't stop. It just...can't!" I tried to explain. He sighed. "Wanna crash here and then go home? I know about your mum." He whispered. A single tear fell down my cheek, and Ashton wiped it away. I shivered away from his touch. He sighed again, and rolled off the bed, grabbing his boxers and putting them on. I slipped on my bra and panties, and followed him out of his room. We walked into his living room? and Ashton fell onto his couch. I just stood there awkwardly while Ashton flipped through the channels on his TV. "I live alone, so no one will walk in." He said, braking the silence and managing to scare me. He looked over at me, and giggled. I looked at him questionably, and he giggled harder. He motioned for me to come over to him, and I followed his finger. I sat on his lap, and his mouth instantly locked with my neck. I shivered, and Ashton smirked. He slowly bit the skin, leaving a love mark. I moaned, and I felt Ashton get a little hard. I looked at him, and he blushed. Ok, maybe he is a LITTLE cute. He blushed harder, and I let a little giggle out. His blush faded, and another smirk flashed on his face. "OMG! SPONG BOB SQUARE PANTS IS ON!" Ashton screamed, scaring me again. I jumped, and fell off his lap. He burst out laughing, and I blushed again. Why do I keep blushing? KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. "Coming!" Ashton yelled, and threw a shirt over his head, and some sweat pants that were laying on the floor. I grabbed my dress and slipped it over my head. "Luke! Glad you could make it!" Ashton laughed. I looked at Ashton's back, trying to get a look at this 'Luke' guy. Ashton moved, and I saw a really good-looking guy with blonde hair that was falling into his eyes. Luke smiled, and walked in and sat next to me. "I'm Luke!" He stated, waving at me like I was a animal. I laughed. "I'm Rose, nice to meet ya!" I smiled. Luke smiled again, and giggled a bit. I looked into his eyes, and saw something flicker. He had something bad going on in his life, I could tell. Luke blushed. "Do I have something on my face?" He asked innocently. I blushed, and shook my head. Ashton stared at us, looking confused. "I have no idea what is happening between you two, but I think it's called 'love at first sight'. Am I right?" Ashton laughed. Me and Luke blushed again, and Ashton made a kissing face. "I WAS RIGHT!" He screamed. I blushed harder, and I noticed that Luke did too. "Ashton! Stop embarrassing us!" Luke laughed. I looked down at the floor, and saw a spider crawling across it. "OMG! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! A SPIDER! A SPIDER!" I yelled, jumping up and standing on the couch. Luke looked at the spider and jumped up beside me. "AHH!" He yelled. Ashton looked at me and Luke. He sighed, and went into the kitchen. I looked over at Luke, and saw that we had wrapped our arms around each other. Luke must have noticed too, because he was now blushing. I blushed harder, and Ashton came back into the room, holding a pan. "Where is it?" He sighed. Me and Luke pointed at it, and Ashton slammed the pan on it. He picked it up, and the spider was dead. "IT'S DEAD! IT'S DEAD!" Me and Luke shouted together. We blushed again, and Ashton shook his head. "Looks like you guys were meant to be!" Ashton laughed. Me and Luke blushed again, and my phone started ringing. "Shit! It's my dad!" I cried out. I answered it. "Hello?" I asked shakily. "ROSE! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" My dad yelled into the phone. I started crying. "In at a friends house. I'll be home soon!" I said, trying to keep my voice calm. "YOU ARE GOING TO GET OT WHEN YOU GET HOME!" He screamed once more and hung up. I put my phone down, and Luke walked over to me. "Are you ok?" He asked, hugging me. If I told you, promise you won't tell anyone?" I whispered. He nodded, and I sighed. "My mom died about two years ago. Two weeks after she died, my dad started drinking. He got very abusive. He sent me to the hospital once, and of corse told a lie about it, saying that I fell out of a tree and broke my arm." Luke gasped. I went on. "Last year, he started raping me. He does it every month, and when I go home, he will probably do it." I sobbed the last part out, and Luke hugged me. I cried into his chest, and he rubbed my back. "It's gonna be ok. It's gonna be ok." He whispered, calming me. My phone rang again. It was my dad. "I better go..." I whispered. Luke nodded. "I'll drive you!" H Ashton offered. "No. I'll take her!" Luke said. Ashton sat down, defeated. I laughed, and followed Luke out the door.

Luke's POV

"I'll take her!" I offered, and saw Ashton plop into his couch in defeat. My heart soared, and Rose laughed at Ashton's reaction. I really like her, and I hope she liked me back! I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward my car.

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