Magcon Kid

Lainey Oliviya Lillyann Jackson
Yeah I know Lol J. I know it's weird. But anyways, I'm apart of Magcon. So basically I have to deal with 9 idiots! It's hard living with them, considering the fact that my 'best friends' slept with the guy I liked, never told me and decided to just play it off. But Idc.


9. Chapter 8 (their switched around.)

I wake up to the next day.... Monday. Oh I forgot I have to go to school just this week to actually get an education instead of online school. I get dressed into my favorite outfit, Cameron Dallas Sweatpants, Magcon beanie, Matt Espinosa mirror tee, along with some black vans. I know it doesn't match right?! That's what I was sleeping in minus the vans.


• Matt shirt tucked into high waisted shorts.

•High waisted shorts that I wore before with the guys signatures and stuffs.

•my bandana -Lainey Loo❤️-

•Black vans.

Then of course my make up. I get dressed, grab my backpack, longboard and phone then head downstairs.

"Do you need a ride Lainey?"

"Nah I'm gonna longboard there."

"Ok. Have a good day. Come on straight afterwards we have to discuss some stuff."

"K." With that I walked out the door and went to school. As I arrived there, I see so many new and old faces.

"Aye Lainey's back!" Yells one of the jocks. To be honest, I was the most known out of every kid in the school. Once I got famous, no one forgot about me apparently as I can see. I'm the popular one. Not the brats, they come second.

"Welcome back Lainey!" Says Alyssa, head cheerleader as she waves to me.

"Thanks!" I say waving back.

"Slut!" I hear someone yell.

"Don't see how I'm a slut. At least when ever I slept in a room with 9 guys I didn't sleep with them unlike you." I say walking into the school.

I just stand there speechless.... It's unbelievable! It's a complete mess! The only one who could stop this...... Was me.

"EVERYONE CALM YOUR ASSES DOWN OR ILL KICK ALL OF THEM." I yell getting everyone's attention.

"Well now we know Lainey's back." Says Ashton, the all star.

"Hi to you too Ashton." I say smirking.

I hear some people mumbling.

"What happened to the school while I was on tour?!" I say.

"We destroyed it. Sorry!" Says Mikey.

"It's fine, do this again and I'll kill all of y'all." I say walking to my class. With them doing the same. I walk in and see a new teacher.

"Ah a new student!" She says.

"I'm not new."

"Well I haven't seen you in class now have I?"

"That's because I haven't been here."

"Then your new."

"I'm not new. Ive been going to this school since freshman year." I say a little angry.

"I don't care if you've been coming here since birth!" She says with attitude.

"Your new so what would you know?"

"OFFICE NOW!" She yells.

"Man what happened to Mrs. Burton. She was nice even when she was pregnant, at least she didn't have hormones." I say laughing along with everyone else. I grab my stuff and leave to the principals office. Only to be met by my favorite principal Mr. Tate.

"First day back and your already getting in trouble." He says.

"Hey! When a new teacher says your a new student when your not and decided to sass you, ya gotta do it right back." I say chuckling.

"So how was tour? Alexia wanted to see you but she had no one to go with."

"Aw you could've called me! I would've stopped by to see her while I was on tour."

"Yeah well Maria was having the twins. Addison Grace & Aurora Rose."

"Oh my gosh! Those are beautiful names! I'll have to come see them sometime." I say. "But I have to go! I don't wanna be late for lunch. If that's even humanly possible."

"Bye Lainey! Tell your dad I said hi. And he still owes me a golf club after he broke the last one!"

I leave the office and head straight to the cafeteria and sit down at a table alone, only to be joined by some nerds and some jocks.

"Hey Lainey!" Says Tyler. (Chess club)

"Hey guys! Why aren't you sitting with y'all's original tables?" I ask looking at everyone of them.

"We wanted to sit by you." Says Alyssa. "We know how Hailey & Hayden have a different lunch, so we decided to join you."

"Oh thanks guys." I say before my phone rings. I answer it to see the caller id is Matt.

L- Hi Matthew.

M- Hey Lainey loo. The guys are here right now. And we have something exciting to tell you.

L- What is is?

M- Magcon is doing one last tour!!! Carter, Taylor & I are gonna be skipping sunsation and going back on tour.

I take my hand away from my phone and scream.

"I'm going back on tour!!" I scream, earning looks from everyone in the whole cafeteria, yeah even the teachers.

Then the whole lunch bursts into clapping.

M- Lainey?

L- Oh sorry. I'm here.

M- There's only one problem.

L- what's that?

M- 4/12 won't be with us.

I drop my phone and fall to my knees and cry. All I know is somebody's arms are wrapped around me. I figured it was Hails but it was actually my cousin Lilly. I pick up the phone and keep talking to Matt.

L- yeah I know. They aren't apart of Magcon. Truly no one is.

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