Magcon Kid

Lainey Oliviya Lillyann Jackson
Yeah I know Lol J. I know it's weird. But anyways, I'm apart of Magcon. So basically I have to deal with 9 idiots! It's hard living with them, considering the fact that my 'best friends' slept with the guy I liked, never told me and decided to just play it off. But Idc.


7. Chapter 7

It's been weeks since Matt got out of the hospital. Everyone's fine. Matt, Carter, Tay, & Aaron are on tour, Shawn Is touring with Austin mahone, Nash & Cam are in LA, & the Jacks I have no idea about them.

"Lainey, are you ready? The VIP starts in a few." Yells my mom.

"Mk! I'm almost done! Are the twins here yet?" I yell back to her.

"Their waiting outside in the car." I grab everything I need and run downstairs to the car and hop in.

"Hey betch! Ready to see bæ?" Asks Hailey.

"Yeah! But omg I hope we don't get mobbed!"

"Nah I doubt it. Now let's turn up!!" Yells Hayden as he turns the music up. I decide to make a vine while we drive.

"What's up vine world? Lainey here with Hailey & Hayden on our way to sunsation!!" I say into the vine. I end it and post it on vine with the caption:

TuRn Up!!!

We reach the place and go in just in time for VIP to start.

"Let's go get in line!" Yells Hailey pulling my arm to get into line.

"OMG! Your Lainey Jackson. Can I take a picture with you?" Asks a girl coming up.

"Yes beautiful!" I say after I take a picture with her I sign her stuff and follow her twitter.

"OMG! Were next in line!!" I scream up and down. As soon as the girl finishes it's our turn we stand there and wait until were called.

"Next!" They yell we walk up until I decide to be the person I am.

"MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA!!" I yell as I run and jump onto him wrapping my legs around his waist.

"LAINEY!!" He yells back wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I missed you dipshit."

"I missed you too bæ." I say looking at each other.

"Soooo. Find that special girl yet?"


"Where is she?"

"In my arms right now. Also I got to touch her ass."

"You pervert!" I say slapping his shoulder a little.

"Ow! Still a little sore Lainey."

"Oh bæ I'm sorry." I say as I let go of him.

"LAINEY LOOOO!" I hear someone yell. I turn around only to be embraced into a group hug.

"Hi guys." I say laughing.

"Hey betch!" Says Aaron.

"Hey where's that bandana we got you?" Asks Carter.

"In my back pocket." I go to grab it but it's not there. "Well it was." I say looking at them.

"Here it is." Says Matt waving it around .

"Yeah Matts happy that he got to touch my ass." I say smirking at the others.

"Ok! Time for your pictures! Who's it gonna be with."

"Matt, Carter, Aaron, and Tay." I say jumping onto Matts back. As we took the pictures with Hayden and Hailey. We all made weird faces, and of course. Matt decided he wanted to kiss me. Stage kiss of course cause he didn't want to make the fans made.

"Ok next."

"Aaawwww I Love you guys. I'll see y'all through the crowd." I say still holding onto Matts arm while walking away. Soon enough I let go, still looking back I can see tears in the guys eyes. I can feel them in mine too. I pull my phone out and decide to tweet.

@_Laineyloo_: It's weird seeing them on stage and not being on there with them. It's like I'm back to being just another fan. And not their Lainey Loo anymore. 😭

I tweet it with tears in my eyes. As I wait for them to start the VIP I see some tweets.

@TheMattEspinosa: Why did we have to split? I miss the family a lot.

@AaronCarpenter_: Miss the guys and our Lainey Loo. ❤️

@TaylorCaniff: missin' the boo. @_Laineyloo_

The only person that didn't tweet was Carter. Then I realize one tweet had caught my eye.

@Camerondallas: Though we split, there will be a day we all come back together. #Magconfamily

"What's up Texas?!" Yells the announcer. "We have some guys here that most of you beautiful girls know."

"What about a guy?" I hear Hayden yell which cause everyone to laugh and turn towards us.

"And the guys here too! But anyways." Says Jake laughing.

We go through the introductions etc, now their pulling fans up onto the stage.

"All these beautiful girls up on stage, now were waiting for Matt, Aaron & Taylor to pick their people." Says Jake.

I turn to Hailey to see her with a smile on her face. Honestly all I wanted to do was cry. But it stopped when somebody picked me up and through me over their shoulder. The only guy that I know would do that is Matt. Instead of squirming I lay there with my elbow on his back resting my head on my hands.

"Hi Matthew."

"Hey Lainey." He says laughing. We get to the stage and of course I earn lots of evil glares from the girls in the crowd.

"Looks like Matt picked his girl." Says Jake.

---- Skipping past everything ----

"Are you ready to leave Lainey?" Asks Hailey looking at me. All I do is shake my head and sit there while girls leave.

"I'm sorry Lainey. You'll see them again don't worry." Says Hayden. I look up and see a free Matt along with Taylor around me.

"I miss you already Lainey." He crys.

"I still remember when I first met you goons. I thought I would never get along with y'all. But soon enough I did. And I got to tour with y'all." I look up to see Matt wiping tears away. I let go of Matt and hug Tay & Aaron.

"Lainey, we have to leave." Says Hayden. I start to walk away, but look back to see them staring at me with tears. I stop and cry into Haileys shoulder.

----- At home ------

"Thanks for taking me. Goodnight Hails night Hayden." I say before shutting the door.

I walk in the house and go straight to my room.

I decide to get on twitter and tweet.

@_Laineyloo_: The first day we met. The first Magcon. All the memories. Now I'm back to being just a fan again. Back into the crowds. Soon you'll forget me. Then no more.

I send the tweet then lay down and slowly drift to sleep.

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