Magcon Kid

Lainey Oliviya Lillyann Jackson
Yeah I know Lol J. I know it's weird. But anyways, I'm apart of Magcon. So basically I have to deal with 9 idiots! It's hard living with them, considering the fact that my 'best friends' slept with the guy I liked, never told me and decided to just play it off. But Idc.


5. Chapter 5

All of us are on the same flight, but were all separated. Well except Taylor, Carter & I. I look over to see Taylor texting the guys in our group chat and Carter crying while watching Matts vines.

"Carter." I say, I start crying and hug him.

"Why him? Why did he have to get hurt."

"Carter he's not dead. He's just asleep. We'll know more when we get there." I let go of him and rest my head on his shoulder.

----- Skip rest of flight. In Virginia airport -----

"Excuse me? Are you Magcon?" Asks some lady.

"Yes ma'am we are."

"Well y'all's driver is waiting outside. They already have your stuff waiting for you." She says.

"Thank you." I say politely with a smile.

We walk to the car in silence. There were fans there but they saw us, and didn't say a word. Some were crying. Some were holding each other. They had signs saying we love you. As we get in, the first person to say something was Carter.

"I can't believe it. I just cant" he says looking at us. We all look at him.

"So much bad luck. So much." Says Nash.

"He's not dead. He's just asleep guys. Well know more when we get there later. But for now, were headed to Matts house." Says Cam.

I bust out crying.

"I can't do it. I can't see him like that."

"Just so it for Matt. We all know how much you both cared for each other." Says Nash. We all know Matt likes me & yeah I like him. Nash has a crush on me but that's all. He acts like my boyfriend but we already agreed to stay friends.

"I will for his family. And Burnie." I say wiping my tears away. Without even realizing it, we come to a stop.

"Were at the house."

We all get out, when I step out I see Kristen and run straight to her and we both cry.

"I'm sorry." I cry.

"I miss him so much." She crys.

We let go and go inside. Right when I do, a dog comes running straight up to me. And only me.

"Burnie." I say happily and bend down and pick him up. "Hi Burnie." I say kissing his head and setting him down.

"Lainey. Honey how are you." Says Mrs. Espinosa walking up to me.

"I'm good. Is it ok if I go up to Matts room?"

"Oh um sure."

"Thank you." I say as I run up the stairs to his room. I open the door to a mess.

"Typical Matt." I say to myself. I walk over and sit on his bed looking around.

I look at my feet when suddenly the door opens.

"Lainey." I look up to see Dylan and run to hug him.

"Hey Dylan." I say as I let go

"Do you want to go to the hospital with me? The doctor called and said that he has some news." I nod and he leads me downstairs to where the guys are.

"Are y'all coming too?" I ask.

"Yeah. We have a rent car." Says Cam.

---- At the hospital ----

We walk in to the front desk.

"Matthew Espinosa. I'm his brother I was here yesterday. These are his bestfriends."

"Room 820" she says.

"Lainey." He says grabbing my hand.

"I'm fine." I say. We arrive at the room and stand outside.

"Dylan." Says the Doctor.

"Um yes sir."

"We have good news and bad news."

"Good news please." I say.

"He should be waking up and a couple of days." Says the doctor. I turn to the closest guy near me well technically all of them.

"W-what's the b-bad n-n-news?" Asks Carter.

"He has lost some blood but we are giving him donations."

"Thank you doctor." Says Dylan.

"By the way, I'm Doctor Wilson. Matts doctor, the one he always goes to here."

"I'm Lainey."

"Ah yes! He's told me so much about you." I start blushing.

"Well I'm gonna leave, I think we should go back to the waiting room."

"I'm gonna see Matt." They all leave and I walk into Matts room alone and shut the door behind me and sit in the chair next to his bed.

"Hi Matt." I say with a tear slipping out.

"I know you can't here me. But the day Dylan told me you were in a coma, I cried so much. Aaron was there. He had come by to see me. I just really wish you would wake up some time soon." I cry. I grab his hand and lay my head on the bed an cry.

---- 2 hours later ----

I didn't even realize it but I had fallen asleep. I wake up and realize it's so dark in the room. As I look up, I see that nurses have been in here because I had a blanket around me.

"You look really beautiful when you sleep Lainey. I miss seeing that on tour when we shared a room." I hear someone say, that someone was Matt.

"Y-y-your awake?!"

"No I'm dead." He says sarcastically.

I get up and hug him.

"That's not funny Matthew Lee, I had a dream about that."

"Well, Atleast it was just a dream beautiful."

"I have to tell the guys." I get up and run like freaking crazy to the waiting room.

"Guys wake up." I say trying to wake them up. That didn't get them up but this will.

"HEY DIPSHITS WAKE UP! I HAVE TACO BELL." They all jump up and look at me.

"Lainey! Don't do that. Let us go back to sleep"


"No he's not." Says Carter.

"Yes he is!! I woke up and he had told me that I looked beautiful when I sleep and he missed that. Which was kinda creepy but still!!!! He's awake!" I say running back to the room.

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