Magcon Kid

Lainey Oliviya Lillyann Jackson
Yeah I know Lol J. I know it's weird. But anyways, I'm apart of Magcon. So basically I have to deal with 9 idiots! It's hard living with them, considering the fact that my 'best friends' slept with the guy I liked, never told me and decided to just play it off. But Idc.


3. Chapter 3

I walk up to my door and open it and walk in.

"Lainey! Your home!" Says my mom walking up to me.

"Yeah, I was just at the twins house. I told you earlier." I say confused.

"Well come into the kitchen. We have some guests here." She says leading me into the kitchen. I get there and am stopped dead in my tracks as to who's in my kitchen.

"AARON!!!!" I yell running and jumping into his arms. "I missed you so so much." I say crying into his shoulders.

"I missed you too Lainey."

"Why didn't you tell me you were going in tour." I say as he sets me down.

"I tried. I called your house phone an your mom said that Loraine poured water onto your phone." He says chuckling.

"Yeah she did." I say fixing my shirt.

"Well kids why don't we sit an eat dinner." We all sit at the table and start eating.

"So other than getting ready for tour, what have you been up to?" I ask Aaron.

"The usual. Getting mobbed by all my girls." He say laughing.

"See there's y'all's problem." I laugh.


"When Lainey Loo was there, we never got mobbed!" I say pointing my fork at him.

"Well that's because our girls were your girls too. By the way, they need to stay in their own lanes!" He says laughing.

I smile at his joke and hear my phone go off. Caller Id - Nashty.

(N-Nash Lainey-L)

L- Hey Nash what's up?

N- Dumbass cut his foot.

L- who did?

N- Cameron.

L- Is he ok? Are y'all at the hospital?

N- Yes & Yes. We're getting stitches. Carter & I are waiting for him. The Jacks are cleaning up along with Hayes.

L- How did he cut his foot?

N- Ummm.

L- Nash if you don't tell me, I'll get Skylynn to attack you!

N- We were doing challenges.

L- Be more careful next time you idiots. Now I have to go, I'm eating dinner with the fam, also Aaron's over and Miss. Becky. So I'll call you later. So tell Cam I miss & Love him and the guys. Bye Nash.

N- Bye Lainey.

I hang up and look at everyone, mainly Aaron.

"Cameron cut his foot while they were doing challenges." I say putting my phone on the table. Right then I get another call.

"Why's Matt calling me? He never calls me at this time." Confused I answer it anyways.

L- Hello? Ma-


L- Dylan woah calm down what happened?


L- No Dylan that's not true he's fine.


I hang the phone up and it falls out of my hands and onto the floor. I start crying and put my head in my hands and start saying stuff.

"He's fine. No he's not in a coma."

"Lainey. What happened."

"This is a dream. It has to be a dream. I swear, I'll wake up any second."

"Lainey. What is wrong?!"

"Matt was in a wreck. Dylan just called and said he's in a coma." Right when I said that Aaron comes rushing over to me and pulls me into a hug, not even realizing it I look up and see that he's crying too.

"It's just a dream. It can't be real Aaron."

"It's ok. Sh." He says.

---- Around 10 ----

After all that happened I decide to sit on the balcony of my room with Aaron.

"Where are y'all staying?" I ask laying my head on his shoulder.

"Well, we're staying here. And surprisingly your mom said I can stay in your room with you."

"It's no surprise to me. She did that to Hayden, and also my cousins stay in my room with me too."

We sit there in silence.


"Yeah" I look at him.

"Are you really ok? After Magcon splitting."

"No. I'm not. Before I joined I was just a crazy fangirl who obsessed over all of y'all. And now, I'm standing no where. I want to be with my family. My boys are my everything. I miss y'all so much!" I say crying. As he wraps his arms around me, I get closer to him.

"I miss them too Lainey. I really do. But on tour it's only gonna be Matt, Carter, Taylor & I."

"AYE! What are you lovebirds doing up there?" I look at Aaron with a confused look, then look down to see 1 out of 12.

"Taylor!!! We're not lovebirds. Besides everyone knows I like Nash. And besides Nash even knows I like him but won't admit that he likes me cause he's a wuss." I say. He disappears for about 2 minutes. Then he comes through my door and into my room an to the balcony where Aaron & I are.

"Are y'all two gonna get packed?" Asks my mom looking at us. "Hello Taylor."

"Hi Miss. Jackson."

"What do you mean pack mom? Where am I going."

"Were all taking a trip to Virginia to see Matt. I talked to the other boys. And their flight is on the way to Texas. An y'all will leave in 3 days. So y'all will have time to Hang out before we head over there." She says. I get up and run over to her and hug her.

"I love you mom so much. Thank you."

"No need to thank me. You better go say thank you to the man downstairs.


"No, the other man."




Hola! It be Callie! Whale. Sorry my chapters seem like they go on forever. But if anyone wants to talk to me or some stuff like that. You can kik me and follow me on Twittah!! And uh yeah!

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