Magcon Kid

Lainey Oliviya Lillyann Jackson
Yeah I know Lol J. I know it's weird. But anyways, I'm apart of Magcon. So basically I have to deal with 9 idiots! It's hard living with them, considering the fact that my 'best friends' slept with the guy I liked, never told me and decided to just play it off. But Idc.


1. Chapter 1

"LAINEY!!! WAKE UP!" I hear people yelling.

"Ugh! Go away!" I groan throwing pillows at them.

"Well you made us do it." Says Shawn.

As I lay there I feel a cold substance pour all over my body.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" I scream sitting up. I look at all of the guys, and see the two I'm going to kill. Nash & Taylor.

"IM GOING TO MURDER YOU TWO!" I yell, I jump up and start chasing after both of them. Once I get close to Nash I jump on his back. And he falls on the bed surrendering.

"I'm sorry Lainey! Don't kill me!" He says laughing then Taylor comes out and picks me up by the waist.

"Taylor let go! Put me down." I cry.

"Never!" He yells spinning me.

We all stop playing around when the door opens and reveals Bart.

"Oh uh hey Bart." Says Cameron nervously.

"What's going on?" I ask.

"Well it's time we all sat down and talked."

"Ok. I guess." We all sit down and Bart starts talking.

"Well, I'm sure they haven't told you, but today is the last Magcon together as a family with all of y'all." He says looking at each of us. I feel tears flowing down my cheek.

"What?! W-were n-not g-g-gonna be together anymore?" I cry. I feel someone hug me from the side to realize it was Nash.

"I'm sorry Lainey. We were gonna tell you sooner but we just didn't know how." Says Cameron

I get up and run out of the room and go to the end of the hall where the balcony is. Once I get there I look down to see all the beautiful fans screaming and hollering the guys' and I's names.

"We love you Lainey." They yell.

"I love you too girls!" I yell knowing they can hear me.

"Why are you crying?"

"One second!" I go down to the elevator and go to the lobby and go outside without security, only cause I know they won't mob me cause I was outside here last night.

"Lainey, where are you crying?" Asks some of the fans.

"I'll tell y'all later at Magcon." I say. "But for now, let me wipe away my tears for all my beautiful fans. But first I don't care how many there are, I want a groups hug from all my beautiful girls." They all give me a group hug.

"We love you so much Lainey." Says one of the fans. I look down to her and realize she was about 8 or 9 and give her a hug.

"Thank you so much babe. What's your name?"


"Well, Macy. I just want you to know, that I love you too. And I will never forget y'all. Now, I have to go back upstairs before the guys start freaking out." I say chuckling a little. With that I leave the girls and walk back upstairs to the guys. I walk in the hotel room and see them just sitting there looking down. They look up at me with disappointment.

"Were so sorry Lainey."

"Enough with the sorry. It's ok I guess."

------ Later that day, towards Magcon --

I get a shower and get dressed into my Cameron Dallas crop top, high waisted shorts with the guys signatures and writing all over it, including mine too, black vans, and a bandana that has -Lainey Loo❤️- across it from when the guys had given it too me for my birthday. As I had finished I go out of the bathroom to see my phone going off with a bunch of text messages and twitter notifications.


Nashty- Meet us in the conference room at 3.

Cam- Hey Lainey.

Matchu tha dinosaur- I hope your ok Lainey.

Bandana Babe- You stole my favorite bandana and I want it back!

Cartah- Have you seen my black SnapBack?

After I read their texts I decide to text them back before looking at my twitter notifications.

To Cartah- No, have you checked your head?

To Bandana Babe- Hahahahahhaha no. I can't sorry!

To Nashty- Kk almost done getting dressed.

To Cam- Hi Cam.

To Matchu tha dinosaur- Yeah, I'm fine. I guess.

I decide to check my twitter notifications before I leave to the conference room. 5 dms, 32 more followers, 5 favorites, 2 retweets.

I lock my phone and head to the conference room. As soon as I get there I see Nash and walk over to him.

"Hey." I say.

"Oh hey Lainey. The event starts in 5, you missed VIP, the girls were asking for you."

"Oh um ok." I feel tears about to pour out of my eyes. Suddenly someone wraps their arms around me, burying my face in their chest. All I can do is cry.

"I don't want us to split apart. Were a family. We stick together no matter what. What am I going to do? I can't go back to school, my mom doesn't want to homeschool me." I cry.

"It's ok Lainey. You can go back to school. We will always be together."

"No we won't Nash. Matt will go back to Virginia, Taylor will go back to Indiana, Shawn to Canada, The Jacks to Nebraska. Aaron to Louisiana, and you, Cam, Carter and Hayes will leave Hayes & Carter will go back to North Carolina, and you & Cam will got to California to y'all's new apartment. I can't go back to Texas." I say looking up at him.

"Um Guys. The shows starting." Says Cam. I look up at Nash and see him smiling at me.

"Come on Lainey, we have a crowd to explain to. Plus, your little fans wanna see you."


We wait for our names to be called after Carter & Aaron go up.

"Next we have Nashty! And the beautiful Lainey Loo!" Yells Cameron. We both go up and face a crowd of about maybe 100 girls.

"Well I think we should tell them." Says Shawn into the mic. All eyes go to me, knowing that they know I'm suppose to tell them.

"Who's gonna tell them?" Asks Hayes. We stand there in silence until I speak up.

"I will." They hand me a mic and we all sit on the stage with our feet hanging off and Shawn sitting on his stool with his guitar.

"The reason I was crying earlier was because, well, this is our last Magcon." I say, tears pouring down my face.

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