The Barn Girl (Niall and Demi)

Demi was your average farm girl. She would slave on her parents farm all day in the summer vacation with her sisters then spend the rest of the night sleeping. Pretty boring right?

But then your average city guy, Niall comes into the picture and Demi's average life becomes not so average very quickly.


1. Chapter one

Parents. You can't live with them and you can't live without. I have been working on this goddamn corn field since I first woke up. But even if I do finish, my dad will give me something else to do straight afterwards.

It doesn't help that the weather right now is 97 degrees right now and I'm sweating like a pig. My sisters seem to be perfectly fine though.

"The bottom of your jeans are torn," Madison pointed out uselessly. I glared at her. Not even a single bead of sweat was visible. Dallas was exactly the same. She just looks like she stepped out of Vogue anyways.

"Come on girls! Dinner time!" Our mom called from the porch.

We immediately threw our sickles to the ground and ran inside. The smell of beef roast roamed hazily around the house.

"I'm so hungry," moaned Madison as she took a seat opposite me.

"You always are," I muttered under my breath.

"Demi!" My mum gasped. I shrugged and tucked into the beef that was sitting in a fat slab on my plate surrounded by the bright colours of vegetables.

"Mom, I think I'm gonna apply for Bayson," Dallas announced, her mouth full.

"You can't just decide your future by what college your crush is going to," I pointed out.

She stared at me as if I was insane.

"Aaron is not a crush. He is...we're in a relationship. But I don't think you'd know anything about that."

I imagined what her beef would taste like if it had poison in it- pretty good I guess. Well, for her anyways.

"I actually agree with Demi for once," My mom said. Gee, thanks mom. "What if you end up as a cleaner. And it's all thanks to this Aaron fella."

"You're exaggerating. That's what happens when you agree with Demi." She shot me a horrid look.

"I don't care, Dallas. I don't want you ending up on the streets. You've already applied to very good colleges, so don't waste them on some awful college like Bayson."


"No Dallas! End of conversation."

She sulked, crossing her arms over her chest and not willing to eat her beef just to annoy our mother (Mother has a strict policy on finishing our food otherwise we have to sit at the table all day until we eat it).

Madison and I kept sniggering, making Dallas even more annoyed.

"Alright, girls. Finished? Back to work," my dad clapped his hands enthusiastically, already leading the way outside into the blistering heat.

All of us groaned.

"Everyone go except you, Dallas. Finish your food first," my mum said. Dallas smirked at us triumphantly as Madison and I headed outside to join dad who was already sweating.

"This is child labour, dad. You can't make us do this," Madison mumbled.

Dad stuck his shovel in the dirt then stared at Madison chuckling. He shook his head and returned to heaving the mud away from the ground.

"Grab some snippers and cut the weed," dad instructed, pointing to the huge scissors that were leaning in a line against the wall.

"I hate my life sometimes," Madison and I sighed in unison.

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