First love

Hayes Grier fanfiction/Hayes was the new kid in school you thought nothing of it until you bump in to eachother at lunch...


1. the new kid

Katie's pov:today is the first day of school and it's 7:00 school starts in 2 hours.i took a shower.when I got out I got changed in to my school uniform. I live in England so my uniform is a tartan skirt and a green jumper white shirt underneath. My school are very strict about uniform only certain occasions can we wear our normal everyday wear.i heard that a boy will joining our class today hopefully he will be nice.

Hayes pov: it's now 8:45 my dad is driving me to school I am really nervous it's my first day in wallhopebe school.when we arrive at school my dad and I headed for the principals office.when we arrived in the principal greeted us then we sat down talked about a few things like my last school and what classes I will be taking the principal said I could wait until after lunch to start my English class I agreed to was now lunch time I was making my way around the school when I saw this girl she was amazing looking.she had long brown hair tied up in a ponytail beautiful hazel eyes around my height she was perfect.i was about to walk over and talk to her but her friends arrived so I said I will talk to her later.

Katie's pov:my friends Maeve and keela walked over to at lunch when i was putting my books away




M:"hey Katie how was class"

Kt:"boring what about you"

M:"haha same and btw that boy over there kept staring at you when we were walking up to you"

K:"yeah it's kinda stalker like"

Kt:"haha I think that's the new boy do you no he's name ?"

M:" am.. I think it's Hayes"

K:"ya he's in my English class mrs kirwin was saying that we have to be nice and blah blah"

Kt:"do you think he likes me"

K:"go over and talk to him"

Kt:"ok wait here"

Hayes pov:she's walking over here ok Hayes act normal "hi am.. Hayes it that right" "ya and you are" "oh ya my names Katie" "well it's lovely to meet you Katie" "haha and you too Hayes"

And with that the bell rang she returned to friends.she was beautiful. The way her eyes shined with the sun coming from the windows.i really like I thought to myself I will come up with 3 ways of getting confident enough to ask her out and here's how it goes ..

1.get to know her better

2.find out what classes she's in

3.ask her out

And if that doesn't work I don't know wat will.

A/n hi guys sorry if this chapter is bad still kinda finding out what way I wanna pan out this story

If you have any ideas make sure to comment them and if you did like this chapter make sure to like this if you want.

And I love you guys xx😘😝

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