Cupcakes Collide

When Enya Sanders wakes up ready for her trip to France, she is sure to bring along her box of cupcake mix, but why? Only five days later, the earth is turning into something else... a whole new world. The mystery is about to be unveiled and the revelation is the exact opposite than expected. But remember and heed the words of the ancients that have been kept for ages: "Two will rise as one and the world granted its olden diadem; thus, the worlds of myth and 'reality' will be at peace once again and only to find each other once more by time's revealing day." (We hope you enjoy reading 'Cupcakes Collide', and comments, favourites, and likes are very much appreciated.) ... [for the penpals competition]


7. Chapter 5: Preparation

     Kammy and I quickly went off to the side. We walked into a little tent where there was another smaller war plan laid on top of the desk. It seemed this just drew her attention entirely. She couldn't focus on anything but that. I tried my best to comfort her, but there was nothing I could do. What could I even say?

     As I laid my head down to sleep, she walked off into the center of the underground fortress and stared at the larger map. All I could see was her drooping down onto the table... and a few tears dropping every now and then as she grasped her hair tighter and tighter. I shut my eyes. It seemed horrible, but she would need a strong brother tomorrow, and she- she needed to come to self-confidence herself.


      "Get up and out!" A scream from one of the rebels yelled directly into my ear. His face was rugged and he wore even more rugged camouflage. I was surprised his belt even held his slightly large gut in. He then drug me out of my bed and took me to the elevator. In the elevator he equipped me with a few essentials. A water filter, ammunition, and as I was told perhaps most importantly was my rifle. Had the elevator been any fuller, we might have been laying atop each other.

     Honestly. What happened in the past few days was weird, I admit; but, what was happening in front of me now was even weirder. I was now standing on a plain grassy field just outside the radio station watching Kammy. My little sister had some strength, as much as she could muster from the long night I should say. It was obvious she hadn't gotten any sleep. I watched as she pointed and ordered a massive crowd of people. At least I assumed they were people from the front. I mean, you couldn't really tell anymore considering that my own sister was a werewolf now, and a normal, old rock could even have feelings.

     Hunter and Clayton stood on both sides of her; their muscly arms folded across their chests, yet still not wearing any t-shirts. "Do they even own one?" I began to wonder. I shook my head and continued to watch Kammy in fascination. Ever since our visit with the talking rock… sorry, I meant to say ‘Elder’; Kammy was acting a bit on edge. She would randomly burst out at anyone near her, and occasionally I would catch her holding her tears back. Even though she may be acting tough, I could see past her hard shell.

     The crowd silenced as the voice of Empress Enya boomed over the speakers nearby, "The world is no longer deprived of my cupcakes, and I must thank you, my loyal customers, for sharing the wealth around to all who have not tasted it. It started with a small local chocolate factory, and now the world is on its knees begging for more. Begin to live for me, your mighty and high empress and her 'royal subjects', and I promise together we can make this world a better place one cupcake at a time."

     I now saw that the crowd of people were now divided into sections. Each section stood neatly, row after row. How they managed to organize themselves like that in a short amount of time, I didn’t know. Then again, it was my sister standing on the highest cliff.

     “Demetrio Wolf clan, all howl!” Kammy yelled. So, they were not people but werewolves; made sense. Or at least enough sense compared to what else I've seen. Section one – now known as ‘Demetrio’- of the three sectors lifted their heads and let a loud howl rip through the air. I had to cover my ears to protect myself from the deafening sounds.

     “Lysandrio Wolf clan, all howl!” Kammy shouted. Once again the sound of howls painted over the silence and as the next ‘wolf clan’ was announced; “Theseus Wolf clan, all howl!” after the final howl, everyone started growling in anticipation.

     The expressions they all wore looked like they were going to kill anyone that got in their way. They hunched themselves and spread their arms, breathing heavily. I looked at each one carefully. Their eyes started turning yellow and shone in pure daylight. My heart almost skipped a beat. What in the world…

     “Patience, my fellow shifters!” Kammy shouted. I looked towards her; she had a smile on her face. It was her smile. I knew that smile anywhere. It was the smile of determination and when Kammy is determined, nothing stops her. She can stoop down to do the evilest things; she can rise high and sacrifice herself, but nothing will ever stop her.

     Suddenly the crowd of werewolves went quiet. All stood still and silent, watching my sister and waiting for her to give them their command. Woah, she had a high authority position; or the talking rock gave her such responsibility apparently.

     “Before we fight to capture Enya and to save our Elder's brother, we must forget our fears. We must prepare ourselves for the worst.” Kammy punched the sky, showing her sign of strength. The crowd cheered and roared. Kammy continued…

     “Innocent and unfortunate people are captured under Enya’s spell. They have taken the cupcakes with the secret ingredient and the Rune Stone has fallen into the dark, thus the reason for our worlds colliding so quickly and relentlessly. We must be the ones to put this right. Our two worlds must join forces for one victory.” Kammy finished. Once again the crowd cheered and threw their fists up in the air.

     “Our close friends, the unicorns, will guide those who cannot shift.” Kammy turned her gaze to me before tilting the corners of her lips into a mischievous smirk. I knew what that meant… I looked down at my feet and gulped.

     Just then I heard the sound of hooves come closer and closer. I tilted my head up to see… unicorns. My mouth dropped once again, who would have ever though that they really existed! They were just like normal horses, only their skin was pale and they had a single horn on their head that spiraled high into the air. The horns themselves varied in all sorts of colours. The tip was very sharp and gleamed of light as it reflected in the light of the very large sun. I forced a swallow…

     Kammy spoke once again, “My fellow shifters take your places and begin to forget! I will assist our unicorn friends and some others.” Sectors of wolf clans begun to shuffle and a few shifted onto all four palms. I will never get used to that; never. I watched the shirtless men fight with each other and come big furry wolf things only to fight others of their own kind. Watching this before my eyes bewildered me. I was initially shocked when I saw Hunter and Clayton fighting each other, but this was… way more bewildering.

     I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around as fast as I could, nearly knocking out my sister. Luckily she ducked before I could hit her square in the face with an elbow. Hmm, she had good reflex skills. Can't say I remember that from before. “Oh my, Kammy I am so sorry. I didn’t know it was you, I just…” I started to apologise.

     “Save it Mitchell.” She interrupted with a sigh. Kammy shook her head. I looked behind her, Hunter and Clayton were both holding in laughter. I narrowed my eyes at them. What in the world was going on? Then I realised. Right beside Kammy was… a unicorn. My eyes widened. She won’t… will she?

     “Look Mitchell, we need all the help we can get. Since you can't shift like the rest of the werewolves…” she gestured towards the battle field. “You're going to have to learn to use a unicorn.” She finished.

     “W-WHAT!?” I literally screamed like a girl. This time the laughter that Hunter and Clayton were holding in, let out. Laughter rolled off their tongues while they held their stomachs. I narrowed my eyes at then once again, before being slapped in the face. I looked towards Kammy, her arms folded across her chest and her eyes fixed on me with a scowl.

     “Mitchell, you will get on this unicorn now. Do you understand?” She questioned stepping toward me. Man, I forgot how intimidating she could be when she was determined. I shook my head. But no matter what, I would not be getting on that unicorn. Never.

     I rolled my eyes and sighed sadly as I eventually sat uncomfortably on the back of the unicorn. The whole situation was just not fit for a man. I couldn't help but glance at Hunter and Clayton out of the corner of my eyes. They pointed and looked at me; I knew that they were making fun of me. Hunter whispered something in Clayton’s ear and they both laughed out loud.

     “Boys!” Kammy called. She looked over her shoulder at them. “I heard that.” I wish I had super werewolf hearing; no fair. “Even though he may be stupid and annoying, he is still my brother. No one is allowed to make fun of him especially like that… apart from me of course.”

     She turned back to me with a smile. “See? You’re sitting on a unicorn. It wasn’t that hard was it?” she said pulling my cheek like I was some kind of baby. I pulled away from her, nearly losing my balance, but thankfully there was a rope tied around the seat that I caught hold of. I muttered a few incoherent words under my breath.

     “I heard that.” Kammy said to me with raised eyes brows. I rolled my eyes once again. Curse werewolf hearing.

     “Calling all clans!” Kammy yelled after getting her position on a cliff. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned around to face my sister. Everyone was breathing heavily and sweating. I could see streams of sweat of running down people’s foreheads and upper lips. They had all been training so hard. Kammy spoke again.

     “I feel we are ready to get into formation. We will all make our way towards the Canterbury Cathedral. But beware, you must not be spotted. We must all blend in until noticed by the Royal Guard. If we are spotted too soon their defences will be too strong, but striking like a thief in the night will give us the upper hand.” The crowd made some noise before going quite once again.

     “We cannot do this on our own!” One shouted from the crowd.

     “We will and we can. As the Elder said, two groups must be formed for one victory. The same victory!” The crowd hailed: hearts racing.


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