Cupcakes Collide

When Enya Sanders wakes up ready for her trip to France, she is sure to bring along her box of cupcake mix, but why? Only five days later, the earth is turning into something else... a whole new world. The mystery is about to be unveiled and the revelation is the exact opposite than expected. But remember and heed the words of the ancients that have been kept for ages: "Two will rise as one and the world granted its olden diadem; thus, the worlds of myth and 'reality' will be at peace once again and only to find each other once more by time's revealing day." (We hope you enjoy reading 'Cupcakes Collide', and comments, favourites, and likes are very much appreciated.) ... [for the penpals competition]


5. Chapter 3: Tuning In

     "Do you even know where we're going? I swear I've seen that rock before." I complained walking side by side each of the two men. They just stared at me while Kammy kept walking straightforward ignoring my every word. After minutes of awkward silence through the woods, I stretched my arms around the two guys and went on, "So... you're werewolves. You know, people seem to read about you quite a bit; I think I even saw some pictures of you online. Your name Jacob by any chance; you know an Edward too?"

     The one man put his palm in his face and replied annoyed, "What?! No.. I.. we... we're not like that. Gosh, are you serious right now?"

     "Hey I'm just asking. You don't wanna admit it? That's cool; that's cool. So you and Bella then..."

     "No, just stop. It's nothing like that at all. First of all, I don't even look like Jacob and secondly my name is Hunter."

     "So I take it you like to hunt then? What is it you like to hunt: any vampires in particular?"

     "Er," Hunter paused, "Well naturally, but I'll have you know it is an honorary title that you receive in a clan!"

     "Right, you see, a man like me can respect that. You know I like you Hunter, and I'm Mitchell by the way," I held my arm out for a moment to shake his hand but quickly withdrew it and explained, "Oh sorry, would you prefer have me to sniff your butt instead?"

     In a lengthened, demanding tone Kammy interrupted our conversation, "Ignore him." She turned around and laid her eyes on me, "And you be quiet."

     I whispered to the other werewolf to my right, "Hey, what's your name?"

     "Clayton." He said firmly.

     "Ah I see; well, Clayton, is she always like this?"

     Clayton paused for a moment and then stated, "Yeah about that... she can hear you perfectly. Werewolves have incredibly enhanced senses."

     Kammy then said while moving on to a flowery area with a rock in the middle of a split canopy of trees, "Yes I can, and I'm about ready to rip his guts out. I can't believe of all people, you turn out to be my brother. Now just be quiet until we reach the radio station, it's not too far from here."

     I looked over where we had passed. Out of the open canopy where we had just walked, I could see the top of a radio station: finally civilization! But still, I thought I had seen the same thing over and over again. Some forest this was, we probably were just walking in loops the entire time to make it seem bigger than what it actually was.

     We continued walking deeper in towards the radio station and came to a wall of bushes. Kammy walked forward and peeked through. After viewing the area that was hidden before my eyes, she waved her arm to come follow.

     We stepped over to the other side of bushes and the radio station was right before our eyes. It literally was in the middle of nowhere and the only company the lonely station had was a small shed next to it with a few hens diving their heads into the soil for bugs and worms. A dirt road seemed to lead out of the forest, but it didn't seem to be used very often. Parked over in the grass was a truck with a machine gun mounted in its bed. So great, we managed to find a radio station that was a part time farm and part time bunker.

     We walked toward the back entrance of the radio station and waited in view of the peephole. We heard movement creeping from the inside and then someone commanded from the other side, "What does one eat from the fruit tree?"

     Casually Kammy stated, "Cupcakes. Unfortunately, mine collided."

     A few seconds later we heard various clicks unlocking the door. Chains clanked, locks were being picked, and gears cranked. After three minutes of hearing the door start to unlock, we walked in. Behind the door was at least three inches thick of solid steel and the links on the chains were the size of two of your fists together!

     Inside, we heard the disc jockey speaking, "Welcome back to satellite XM radio: channel 88, The Empress's Emporium where we play YOUR music seven days a week, twenty four hours a day! Up next is Empress Enya's favorite: Drawn and Quartered by HIM. We're coming to you live, so sit back and 'chillax' to the empress's favorites: every hour, every day... all the time."

     We walked around and came to a small bench in a light blue colored room where we sat down. "Exactly where are we?" I questioned.

     Kammy looked over toward me and answered, "The heart of the rebellion. All will be explained later."

     "Rebellion from what?"

     Just then, in front of us the wall split apart and from it originated a girl. She came out wearing an elegant dress and hair in a braided ponytail. She directed her voice toward Kammy, "I see you came back. The Elder will begin to debrief us in a moment." She then turned toward me and asked with a hint of disgust and reluctance, "And who is... this?"

     Kammy replied, "He would be my brother, but he needs some medical attention first."

     "I didn't know you had a brother. What happened, captured by the slaves, tortured to eat a cupcake, or something worse?" Said the girl.

     "Well... more like... hit with a car. It's a long story, but anyway, we'll go see The Elder after he's taken care of."

     "We will be waiting." The girl turned around and took a few steps away until she stopped and asked, "And Kammy, you were successful in recovering the journal entry," she glared over her shoulders, "Weren't you?"

     "Yes, I have it with me."


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