Cupcakes Collide

When Enya Sanders wakes up ready for her trip to France, she is sure to bring along her box of cupcake mix, but why? Only five days later, the earth is turning into something else... a whole new world. The mystery is about to be unveiled and the revelation is the exact opposite than expected. But remember and heed the words of the ancients that have been kept for ages: "Two will rise as one and the world granted its olden diadem; thus, the worlds of myth and 'reality' will be at peace once again and only to find each other once more by time's revealing day." (We hope you enjoy reading 'Cupcakes Collide', and comments, favourites, and likes are very much appreciated.) ... [for the penpals competition]


3. Chapter 1: Things Have Changed

     We sat in the car as anyone would with a complete stranger, the only difference being: this stranger happened to run me over and refused to take me to the nearest hospital. I could hardly believe my eyes though, with everything that had just happened was I dreaming? We were driving clean through perhaps the most populated of English cities, yet there were next to no one on the streets, and those who we did see along the streets looked at us as if they had not seen a human being before. It was almost as if we were misplaced in this world of theirs. Regardless, after my rescuer noticed that my eyes had finally stopped tracing over the car dumbfounded of all the military equipment in it, she said with a smirk, "So do you want to keep looking or do you want to know some things?"

     "I honestly don't know what to think of this place."

     "Then let me help you," she affirmed and went on, "It took us days of planning but a little girl from the coasts of England is responsible for all of this... and we knew she had been planning something for some time. We just had to find out when she would let it slip, and how we would recover our intelligence when she did."

     "Let what slip?"

     "Her name is Enya Sanders; we believe she is responsible for this dead-minded world we find ourselves in. Those people you see along the streets, they're not in their own minds; they ate a substance... something that makes them servants to Enya."

     Blatantly I just stated, "I'm confused."

     She then turned her head toward me with scowling eyes at that response. I could tell she was annoyed at the rather absentminded statement that's so stereotypical for men. Quickly her hand dug through the car, as she slowly pulled up a notebook and tossed it on my lap. It was a peculiarly small notebook and the writing inside was definitely not from a normal writing utensil. English nonetheless however. "Inside is a day to day journal entry of Enya's latest actions that apparently caused this world. We're not entirely sure who was responsible for writing the journal, but we do know that whoever it was must have been at her side during all of this. The details in there are just too thorough for anything other than first-hand experience."

     I opened the journal which I now noticed was only the size of my hand. I opened it up and oddly enough, soot and pebbles came out of the binding. "Where did you find this book?" I asked curiously.

     "When I hit you with my car, I just escaped with that in hand from one of Enya's devious bakeries. It was just sitting alongside a batch of cupcakes before I snatched it."

     I chuckled, "Bakeries?" She completely ignored my comment and kept on driving without a word. In a moment I opened up the notebook and began reading:


     From the bottom of the steps at nearly four in the morning, Enya Sanders's mum called, "Are you almost packed yet? We have to leave in nearly five minutes if we want to reach the school in time, and I'm sure you don't want to be late and miss your trip to France!"

     "Yes, Mum almost!" Enya replied groggily with her squinted, ill-rested eyes and thought to herself: Gosh how do people even wake up this early? I'm finding it hard enough just to keep my eyes open!

     Enya looked down into her bag and buried a box of chocolate cupcake mix under her clothes and accessories. Drowsily bumping into the doorway on the way out, she zipped the bag and carried it with her downstairs strapped around her shoulders.

     To her surprise, her mum was already sitting in the car ready to drive. Enya opened the door to the car and sat down in the passenger seat about ready to rest her head against the window. Quickly her mum smiled at her and asked tenderly, “Did you bring your stuffed polar bear?”

     "Ah my gosh! I'll be right back," Enya dashed up into her room and grabbed her polar bear, Snowiy, and almost instantly was right back in the car with the plushie grasped tightly in her arms. "Okay. Now I'm ready." She said strongly while she yawned and rested her head against the car's window.

     "You know," her mum said breaking the silence down the road, "It really is spelled S-n-o-w-y."

     "Ah really? Did you have to bring that up now?" Enya rolled her eyes.

     "Okay then," her mum replied laughing, "You get some rest then. We'll be there soon."

     Enya Sanders woke up, realizing they had just pulled into the parking lot of the school. Her heart raced with excitement after her short dream about a late night cheese feast that she and her friend had planned out to have during the trip. Her mother and she got out of the car and the two gave each other a hug.

     Her mum kissed her on the forehead then said holding back tears, "Have fun, and you be careful my Little Peep."

     "I will," Enya went on, "I promise."


... Approximately three days before ...


     After walking through a hypermarket for a few hours, Enya looked around to see no one was watching her. Inconspicuously, she took the opportunity and slipped away from the group with her bag in hand, holding it close to her bosom. She casually tried to find her way to the top of the building through a series of back hallways accessible only by entering various codes. "Halfway there," she said to herself and looked down at her phone to see her latest message: ETA 3 minutes and dropping. "Right on time." She whispered to herself.

     Taking the last doorway to the top of the building a helicopter had just touched the landing pad with its skids. The pilot looked from out of the cockpit and nodded three times. The wind blew her hair over her shoulders, and promptly after the engines had been set to idle, the doors slid open revealing two armed men who stood in salute to Enya's arrival. The men then withdrew their weapons and helped Enya board the aircraft.

     Sitting down, the doors closed and the helicopter began to hover over the hypermarket. In a masked voice, the pilot said over the encrypted lines, "The package is on the bird. Over."

     Replying, an anonymous voice answered in a seemingly higher classed tone, "Good, you have done well; I will wait your arrival."

     Hours passed sitting on the emotionless and soundless aircraft. It was now pitch black out; suddenly, the pilot said to the crew, "Prepare for landing." Spotlights lit up the landing pad and steadily the helicopter landed softly. The doors opened and carefully the two men helped Enya down and walked on each side of her with their assault rifles ready at hand. Red lasers originating from other buildings nearby skipped across the ground.

     Upon reaching a closed door, Enya stopped nearly a meter in front of it. The door abruptly opened and in the dark a lone man with a hat that shrouded his face stood inside. "This way Enya." The man said turning around, "He will speak with you soon."

     After walking through dimly lit hallways, Enya was directed into a white room. The sudden light blurred her vision but quickly became accustomed to it. The shrouded man then assured, "I will tell him of your arrival." The door behind her closed and alone she sat on a leather chair. In front of her was a table and a map of the world laid out. Pieces of old artillery cannons, cavalry, and infantry were placed around the map according to... to bakeries and chocolate factories around the world! Interesting.

     The door opened and inside stepped a man in a black business suit with a cane and top hat. He took a seat in front of Enya and smiled. "I assure you this room is completely soundproof. What happens here will never happen anywhere else. Now, did you bring the materials?"

     "Yes," She said in confirmation.

     "Good," He cringed from excitement then went on, "You know I heard your baking skills are through the roof. Though, when I first read your article and petition to work with us I had not believed what you said."

     "Many do not and thus a perfect way to assume world power."

     "Indeed. May I see?"

     Enya grabbed her bag and dug deep inside until finally she grasped the box of cupcake mix. "This," she said laying it on the table, "This is how we will take over the world."

     The man laughed heartily and mocked, "This is fool's play!"

     Enya smirked then enticed, "Then you wouldn't mind having one?"

     "Bakeries surely do bring in people of special minds. Yes, I will have one to amuse myself of this mockery!" The man took a cupcake from Enya's bag and after a bite he blankly stared off into the distance.

     "Now," Enya commanded, "If you would pass these around to the rest of your employees we shall get started."

     "Why of course Ms. Enya, as you wish."

     "And do be sure to pass one off to a journalist, it would be a shame if the world did not know of its existence."

     The man rose from his seat, following Enya's orders perfectly. Once he left the room, Enya took Snowiy from her bag and held it close to her as she slept on the chair. She smiled and thought to herself: First a bakery, and then the world.


... Approximately one day before ...


     Walking into the soundproofed room, the man with the black suit and top hat reported, "Your wishes have been carried out flawlessly Enya." He then tossed a newspaper across the room into her lap...


[Authors' Note: If you have difficulty, please request a full script of the newspaper clippings above in the comments section]

     "Very impressive indeed," boasted Enya as she continued, "At this rate the world will be mine in days and all will be under my power. Though what is a ruler without a large palace? Prepare a flight to England immediately... someone has a cathedral which they have long owed me. And also, get a group of men to find me a talking rock; it would appear the rocks seem to know something long forgotten, and they WILL tell me what it is."

     "As you wish," the man replied, "I should have you know that when we reach England the calculations estimate that seventy-five percent of the known population will be under your control and only hours more before you have them all."


     "So," I continued while we sat in the car, "This world is a consequence of a few cupcakes?"

     "Not just cupcakes..." she stuttered as she went deeper into her thoughts...

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