The Potters and Weasleys: the next generation

Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione's children and their story


5. Sorting

As the hat finished his song, the hall burst into applause. 


Professor McGonagall held out a long piece of parchment bearing the names of each first year. "When I call your name you will step up to this platform, and I will set the hat on your head, who will choose your house." She continued, "Aserden, Arnold!"


As the rather chubby kid approached the hat, Professor McGonagall stood as still as a statue until he came, then she put the hat on his rather mousy brown hair, while he plopped on the chair.


"HUFFLEPUFF!" The Sorting Hat boomed as the kid smiled and sat down at his table, with the Hufflepuffs roaring with excitement. 


"Boot, Frederick!"


He took very little time on Frederick, and when it barely brushed his head, "RAVENCLAW!"


He joined the Ravenclaws. 


"Finch-Fletchley, Justin!"




More roars from Hufflepuff. 


As it continued, a girl stuck out her hand. She was Lavender Brown's daughter, no doubt. "Hello, I am Sally-Anne Nott, and who, exactly, are you?"


Rose was getting nervous, so it was nice to talk to someone in the meantime. "Rose Weasley."


"Nott, Sally-Anne!"


"Good luck!" Rose called after her. 




It continued, and finally, "Potter, Albus!"




No surprise there. 


"Potter, Lily!"


You guessed it. "GRYFFINDOR!"


"Thomas, Dewey!"




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