Long Way Home


1. Chapter One

Harry's P.O.V.


I was on the way to a hotel. Next to me walked my new girlfriend, Sienna. I met her three weeks ago in a pub. She was funny and loved my shyness. We went out on dates often. Our first kiss was a week ago, behind the stage to our concert.

Off course there were a lot of girls, but I ignored them this time. When we got into our hotel room I sighed. "Oh my gosh, how do they always know where I am?"

"They are fans Hazza." I laughed and kissed her. She was just the best. The problem was, I wasn't really in love with her. She was great and all that, but she wasn't "the one."

Sienna kissed me hot. She unbottoned her shirt. "No take it on again!" I jumped up. Realationship? Okay! But she is a virgin.

"Look it is nothing personal, but you should've your first time with someone who loves you. I am sorry."

"Y-you are breaking up with me? You gotta be kidding me!" She slapped me and packed her bag. Even though I shouldn't I was so relieved when she walked out.


sorry that it is so short :( But I got too much school...The next chapter is coming soon...xoxo :* A lot of hugs and kisses

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