3 For 1


1. All The Way...

Caroline's P.O.V

I was at a hotel. And I waited for my best friend, Andrea. She really needed to pee. We where in the nowhere. We ran away from home. We decided to run away some weeks ago. We planned every centimetres and pounds we earned.

Well, while I sat there I realized a car that was holding at this hotel. Five familiar boys walked inside the hotel.

"Hey, can I sit there?" The boy with brown curled hair asked. I nodded.

Another boy with brown straighten hair came over to me and took a seat. And then a boy with black spykie hair. "Hey, I am Zayn Malik. This is Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles."

"And I am gone." I jumped up and followed my best friend outside.

"Oh come on! We can drive you. Where do you want to go?" Harry said and grabbed my wrist.


*Ten Minutes Later*

Thanks to my best friend who knew who they were we sat with them in their van and drove to Miami. I hated the way they stared at me. "What?" I asked. "Your hair is beautiful." Zayn said. "No! You are eyes are mor beautiful." Harry said. "You disgust me." I said. 

In Miami it was hot. The sun started to go down. We got out of the car. "So, see you never again." I smiled over to Liam. He seemed to be cool. I guess he was the only one.

When we were about to walk into a shop to buy some food, Liam grabbed my hand. He suddenly kissed me. I held my breath. A thousand sparks flew through me.

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