How would you feel if one night changed your life forever. One day just another normal girl, the next dragged into a life you never thought you'd have.
Follow Skyler's life as she goes through the unexpected journey of love, life, and a change she never thought she'd go through.
Will she fit in her new life or will she be forced to be on the outside once again.


2. Chapter 1

Skyler's POV

I walk through the front door, lowering my head. My way of getting through school was to hang low and try to blend in so people wouldn't notice me.

Walking through the hallways I felt like something was burning into the back of my head. I turn around slowly to see a blonde girl standing with a blonde guy and a red head staring at me. I felt heat rise to my cheeks locking my eyes on the ground.

I turned the corner running into someone, my purse falling off my shoulder my backpack busting up all my stuff spreading over the floor. "Oh god i'm so sorry."

"It's ok." I muttered not looking up, just grabbing my books off the floor shoving them back into my backpack. I stood up to see a tall, muscled guy who looked about my age. He held out my purse. "I believe this is yours."

"Thanks." I said. "I'm Skyler."

"I'm Caleb." He said. "Caleb Days."

"Oh and." Caleb said looking at a piece of paper. "Looks like you're in my first class."

"You got my schedule!" I cried grabbing it back. 

"Calm down Sky." Caleb smirked. "If you didn't want me to walk you to class you could have just told me."

Caleb turned walking slowly away. I let out a sigh. "Wait for me Caleb."

Caleb stopped turned back a twinkle in his eye. "I knew you would."

"So you have history first." I started. "What about the rest of the day?"

'We have lunch together and study hall." 

"You already memorized my schedule." I laughed. "Stalker."

Caleb shrugged. "What can I say."

As we we're walking past the group of kids from early they again started staring at me. A tall dark hair boy had joined them, the other three gathered around him whispering/

"Hey Caleb." I started. "Who are they?"

"That's Nic, Cece, Will and Beau." Caleb said. "They're always together. Nic and Cece are brother and sister but Beau and Will are always together."

"Which is which?" I asked eyeing them.

Caleb smirked. "Nic is the blonde one, Cece the only girl, Beau the red-head and Will is the dark haired. Oh and Nic is in our study hall class and your bio class. Will is in our history and Beau too."

"Great so they'll be staring at me all day." I muttered slipping onto the other side of Caleb away from Nic, Cece, Beau and Will.

"I'll help you out." Caleb said. "Besides they don't talk to a lot of people besides their little group."

"Aw I have my our protector." I smiled. 

Caleb smirked trying to do macho poses, cracking me up. Then the bell rang.

Caleb started towards a door at the end of the hall. "This is our room, Mrs. Lentrae."

"Hey Mrs. Lentrae." Caleb said. "This is Skyler."

Mrs. Lentrae smiled brightly at us. "Hello Mr. Days, Miss. Morgan. Take your seats please."

Caleb lead me to two seats. "Mrs. Lentrae is really nice once you get to know her."

"Hey Caleb." A tall, skinny boy with black hair called. 

"That's Davis." Caleb said. "He's my friend, and in your bio class." He turned back to Davis. "Davis come over here and meet Skyler."

Davis nodded, hopping off the desk walking over to us. "Sup Skyler, I'm Davis."

"Nice to meet you Davis." I smiled. "Caleb said we have bio together."

"And apparently the four don't like her. They're always staring at her." Caleb said lowering his voice.

Davis looked around. "I see."

I turn around to see Will and Beau walk in, both of them look at me then Caleb and Davis. 

"Hey Davis." Caleb said glancing at Will and Beau. "Why don't you take the seat next to Skyler."

"Sure." Davis said, walking back to grab his backpack setting it in the seat to my right. Caleb sliding into the seat to my left. Beau and Will whispered something before walking pass us.

Davis turned to me. "Well if i'm going to be a bodyguard for you I might as well get to know you."

I glance over at Caleb, but he lean in smirking. "I'm interested in this too."

Mrs. Lentrae walked over to us. "Mr. Days, Mr. Warnet it's great that you're welcoming Miss. Morgan but please save the chitchat for lunch."

I shrugged. "Well I guess my story will have to wait for lunch."

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