Meeting Time👌


1. Cameron💕

You were driving You're car getting back home after a big day at the mall ,while someone hits You're car you go down to see who and what happend , then someone gets out of the car who is he ? He's eslava you look at him and you're just surprised to see him he's says sorry while you tell him it's okay there's nothing ; he replies saying i'm going to fix it and you just say no it's fine but he didn't leave before he takes the car to get fixed ,so you give him you're keys and he called someone to get it fixed while he tells you wanna come over until it's fixed you agree and you went back home , He opens The door surprise you see Cameron dallas &nash grier and the boys standing sayingg heyy you're just calm but you're really happy to see them ,they gave you hugs and you took photos but then they told you that you have to eat something so you all have lunch together , bad news comes from eslava saying that you're car is going to be fixed tommorow so you say no problem i'll go home and get it tommorow but you look in your bag you can't find you're apartment keys where are they?? There with the car keys they told you don't worry you can stay the night here but you told them it's okay i'm going to a hotel or something but they said you have to stay here tonight you cant go late to a hotel so you just stay and after that you told them you had to get rest .They gave you a blanket and apillow and you went to take a nape , cameron and nash talking about you while you're asleep while cameron asks nash should i go talk to her and nash replies yeah go tell her if you could go for a walk . Then you find someone waking you up saying wannna go for a walk you wake saying yeah sure why not?:) you bothh go down for a walk he asks you about you're life and story you two started talking and saying jokes and then you ask him about his story but he told you i'm going to tell you my story another time you're standing still saying another time? He says yeah on date what do you think ? You're so happy and surprised ;I'd Love to . Cameron:then great I'll call you. You both get home and you both get to bed you wake the other morning seeing cameron next to you saying come on lets go ,you ask him where he tells you we are going To the supermarket to buy things so you get dressed and you all went to buy stuff and got home you found you're car down and the keys with cameron you take them and you went back home reciving a text from cam. Say call me when you get home beautifull❤️ ...

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