You've Got My Number

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4. .:3:.PART |1|

PS heres the cast:

Perrie Edwards as Perrie Edwards

Ashton Irwin as Ashton Irwin

Rest of 5sos and little mix as they are are

Ross as Ross Lynch

Cara as Cara Delveigne (sorry spelling)

Darcy as Baby Glitter ( w/ black fuzzy hair)

After tickling Darcy, the doorbell rang. I popped Darce on the toilet and then left her to do her stuff.

I ran down the stairs towards the big double doors. I pushed the handle down and then forcefully opened the door.

A cute little man stood there. Probably only a few inches taller than me, but he looked my age.

"P-p-perrie!" He says, jumping up and down. He helps me with the pizza and he lays it on the table. I cant help but glance at his muscles...mmm.... SNAP OUT OF OT PEZ!

"Can you take this?" He says, passing me a green card.

"My dad does buisness and he has always wanted to do it with you... Please give him a call!" He pleads.

"Of course, so, your Sam Irwin, or...Ashton?" I ask, scanning the card.

"Ashton, thats me! Call me Ash though." He says, twisting the door knob.

"See you around Ash!" I call after him.

"Bye perrie!"

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