You've Got My Number

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1. .:1:.

I sat there staring at Zayn and Leigh Ann kissing. There together now so I guess i have no hope getting my boy back... I just turn away to see Jesy and Calum tucked into eachother, well thats making me feel good, isnt it? The only single girls in the group is Jade and I... So things are currently shit.

"I'll be your cuddler Pez!" Jade says, wrapping her arms around me. I lightly giggle and hug her back.

"Hes a jerk..." I say, pointing at Zayn.

"I know babe, just imagine there not there! See! POOF!" She says blowing her hands up and then blocking my eyes.

I just laugh and slap my knee, and everyone stares at me and Jade in misfits of laughter over one of the worst jokes i have ever heard.

Harry just looks at me strangely. I hate Haz,

He wants me dead. No one knows he threatens me when no one is looking or near.

Niall just stares at me and my stupid best friend. I just cough slightly and there is an awkward silence.

"WHO WANTS PIZZA!?" Jade says, excited.

We all nod and i walk over to the phone. I quickly check Dominos' number and i diall in the didgits.

"Hello! How can I help you?" An attractive aussie voiced man says.

"Can we get 6 large pizzas, plain margerita." I ask.

"Your adress and name miss?" The man says.

"Perrie. Perrie Edwards." I say.

"Perrie... THE Perrie Edwards? My sister Lauren loves you!! Anywho... Margerita, yes.. See you later Perrie!" He says.

I slowly put the phone down and head upstairs into the loft where the gang was.

"Hey Perrie i need to pee, come with." Jade says, dragging me along.

"Lets both die our hair blue!" She says.

I raise an eyebrow.

"Okay, whatever!.... Hurry before i change my mind." I say as Jade rushes to the store.

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