The End is Now

Many people say its the end, but unknown to them its just the beginning.....


1. The End Has Begun

Day five

The war has begun, there was a fight today outside, just some of the gang members, nothing major. Although I'm pretty sure one of them got badly beaten up. I don't go outside anymore now. It's too dangerous. We hide in the basement usually. Especially at night. We lock ourselves in so that no one can get to us and our supplies.

I don't know how my friends are, i'm just hoping they are ok. I hear shouts outside of people being murdered but i can't be sure. I just pray they are ok.

We still don't know what is happening. The electricity has still not come back on, there have been no reports from the government. Last we heard there was a war started, thats when the electricity went off. Things had been brewing before then, there were firstly protests, then the riots. It was the people against the government (and everyone who sides with them.) thats the problem you see, we have the numbers, but they have the money and they control the weaponry, the military, health-care as well as basic supplies like food and water. Which leaves us wandering helplessly.

For now we have to survive on what we have, but soon, we will run out. And then, the riots really will start.

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