April Winters, now called Autumn Summers met The Head-Killer once. She's the sole survivor.
He escaped authorities. He wants his one and only back. He thinks there is only one way to drive her back into his arms. She needs to know he still wants her.
Dean is the agent assigned to this case. He needs to find a way to protect Autumn. He needs to find a way to stop The Head-Killer from wanting her, for he wants her himself.
It's going to be a crazy ride. Will Autumn and Dean come out on top? That's the question I'll leave you with.


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7


- Autumn’s POV -


I woke up in my bed. I was pressed against a warm body. It enveloped me. The heat seeped through me to warm my bones. Wait who is with me? Who is in my bed? I turned around and came face to face with Dean. His eyes piercing through mine.

“What the hell are you doing in my bed?!” I yelled at him. He just stared at me.

“Answer me!” I growled at him.

“You fell asleep on me so I carried you up here and then you wouldn’t let me go so I crawled in beside you and then you were asleep on me and you wouldn’t let me go so I just laid here till you woke up but now that you’re up lazy pants, we have to go to my job.” He said to me.

I jumped out of bed but immediately fell down.

“Jeez who puts his shoes right beside the bed?” I snapped.

“Sorry.” Dean said while chuckling.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me back up. We walked out of my room and went to his car. We drove in silence. Soon we arrived at what I assumed was the office. It was really large. The building was made out of concrete and windows and it looked really tough. We entered the building and I got a visitor’s pass. We walked to his office and entered. I noticed that the office apparently belonged to his entire team.

Marcus sat across from and empty desk which I thought was Dean’s and there were a couple more people.

“Lacey, Connor and Michael this is Autumn, she is the one that gets the heads.” Dean said to them. I blushed. Being the centre of attention wasn’t really my style. Connor looked kind of familiar but I couldn’t really place him.

“Hey!” They all said to me.

“Autumn why don’t you see if you can help Lacey with something then us boys can do our job.” He said to me.

I walked to Lacey and we scowled at the boys as we walked out.

“So Autumn, how did you get Dean to be angry at you already?”

“I don’t know he’s just really grumpy all the time. His name isn’t Dean, it’s Mr grumpy pants!” I said to her. She laughed her ass off at my remark.

“I think we are going to be best friends.” She said.

“So what is your job?” She then asked.

“Oh I own a bakery.” I said.

“Which one? Not the Summer one right? That one is sooo amazing!”

“You mean Summer’s Mouth? That’s mine.”

“NO F-ing way! We always get our snacks and lunch from there and I read that you sell a lot of cakes to like celebrities and stuff!”

“Yes way! And really! Ooh that’s where I recognised Connor from. He’s the one that comes in to buy them.”

“Yeah usually he does. Now I am in charge with you. What do you say we get something really special?”

“That’s okay. I will make something. Come let’s go to my bakery.”

We walked out of the building and to my bakery. It was quite normal for me to not be there all the time. I had a lot of staff to help me out.

“Hey guys!” I said as we walked in.

“Autumn, how are you? I saw the news.” My employee asked as I entered.

“I am doing okay now.” I said. We walked to the back and I started to grab some ingredients.

“Okay I will make some salad and some burgers and we will have some chocolate pie. That sounds good?”

“It sounds really delicious!” I started to cook them and Lacey looked around the shop. She was really nice. Way nicer than Dean.

“Lacey, why is Dean always so grumpy?”

“He is barely ever grumpy; I don’t know why he is to you. Maybe he likes you? Like like likes you?”

“What?! No. No way he like likes me.”

“Well he hasn’t had a steady girlfriend in forever and you do look amazing.”

“Thanks but I really don’t. He probably just thinks I’m annoying.”

When I finished cooking I placed everything in a bag and said bye to my employees. We walked back to the building and to the office. As we entered the boys were standing over some piece of paper.

“We are back! And we brought food!” Lacey sing songed as they didn’t notice us entering.

“Ooh yummy from Summer’s Mouth!” Connor yelled.

I laughed a little as he said that.

“Wait! You are from Summer’s Mouth!” He yelled.

“OMG I met someone famous!” He started to scream like a little girl and did some type of happy dance. I was full on laughing by now. Dean walked to me and took the bag from me. He placed all the food on a table and everyone began to eat.

“Mmm this is so good!” Connor moaned.

“Jeez Connor you don’t have an orgasm so you don’t have to moan right now!” Lacey said to him. I suspect they are either together or they want to be together. The lingering looks were so clear to me.

As we finished eating I got bored.

“Dean can I go do some shopping?” I asked him. Shopping is the remedy for everything.

“Yeah sure but take Lacey with you!” He said.

“Lace! We are going shopping!” I yelled at her. She looked up with a smile.

“Yaay!” She said and she walked to me.

I grabbed my coat and we walked back outside. Their job is so boring. Staring at a piece of paper in hopes of finding something interesting on it. Really not my thing. We arrived at the mall where my best friend Demi works, but she wasn’t in today and started to scoop the racks. After an hour of snooping I had more than an arm full of clothes. I found Lacey that only had a few things and told her that I was going to try these on.

I walked towards the fitting rooms and started to try things on.

As I stood in my bra my curtain opened at once.

“Don’t talk!” He said to me.

“Okay.” I whispered.

“I might not be able to take you from here but I sure as hell can hurt you.” He pointed a gun at me. I shook with fear.

“Now shush!” He said.

“Wait can I put something on first?” I asked quietly as I thought he was going to shoot me.

“Yeah sure. Put on that top and that bottom.” he said. He pointed to a short crop top that showed my entire abdomen and a pair of shorts that were really short. I quickly pulled them on.

Then he placed something on the gun. No he is really going to shoot me.

He pointed the gun at my ankle and looked at me with his evil grin.

“This is only going to hurt for a short while baby girl.” He said to me. Then he pulled the trigger. He quickly got out of the room. First thing I noticed was the amount of blood streaming from my ankle. Then I noticed that I could clearly see the bone. I thought I was going to faint. But I didn’t because then I noticed the pain.

“Lacey!” I yelled.

She came running to me.

“Autumn what happened?!” She yelled out of breath.

“He came in here and then he shot me!”


“Who do you think?  James!” I yelled at her as I cursed under my breath because of the pain.

Lacey quickly called Dean.

“Dean she’s been shot by James. Send an ambulance to the mall and come to the hospital!” She yelled at him.

“What?! How did that happen? I told you to stay close to her! Is she okay? Is she still alive?” He asked sounding very worried.

“Yeah she’s alive; she just got shot in the ankle. She was trying on some clothes. I’m so sorry Dean!” Lacey started to cry.

“Lace don’t cry. Please help me stop the bleeding and get me a chair and I really would like some painkillers!” I said to her. My breath came in pants. It hurt so much.

“Okay. Dean I’m going to go!” She said to her phone and she came to me. She pressed some dress to the wound and yelled at some store people to go grab me a chair. They all worked fast and soon I could go sit down on a chair. I was happy to sit down as I started to feel lightheaded. I heard the ambulance coming and soon I was on the stretcher. I closed my eyes feeling tired of the blood loss. They rushed me to the hospital.

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