April Winters, now called Autumn Summers met The Head-Killer once. She's the sole survivor.
He escaped authorities. He wants his one and only back. He thinks there is only one way to drive her back into his arms. She needs to know he still wants her.
Dean is the agent assigned to this case. He needs to find a way to protect Autumn. He needs to find a way to stop The Head-Killer from wanting her, for he wants her himself.
It's going to be a crazy ride. Will Autumn and Dean come out on top? That's the question I'll leave you with.


4. Chapter 3



Chapter 3


- Autumn’s POV -


Dear Autumn


My one that got away.

I hope you have received my package.

And I hope you liked it.

I hope you still remember me.

With this letter are some interesting things.

Have fun taking a look at them.



Your always remembering bastard.


I read. It was a letter from that creep. I ran to the door and asked for the agent to come take a look at it. I pointed him at the letter and said it was from James Smith. The Head-Killer.

I opened the other envelope and saw pictures. Pictures of me being the victim, pictures of him raping me, pictures of me now inside the apartment and outside walking to work, pictures of the victim, pictures of him laughing his evil sadistic smile. It was so creepy. It absolutely freaked me out 100%. I grabbed Dean's card and called his number.

“Hello this is Dean Rosing speaking.”

“Hello this is Autumn Summers; I have a tiny bit of a problem.”

“What’s wrong? Seriously you always have a problem. You are the problem!”

“Uhmm I kind of got a letter of James Smith and I kind of got photos and now I am kind off freaking out!”

“Is the agent with you?”


“Okay I am coming now. Don’t let anybody else inside!” And then he hung up the phone.

I walked towards the agent and gave him the photos too. He grabbed them with his gloved hands.

And placed them back in the envelope. I walked to my kitchen and made some herbal tea for me. Then I sat down and waited for Dean. When we heard knocking the agent opened the door and as soon as we saw it was Dean he let him in.

They whispered to each other for a while.

“Go grab whatever you need to live and pack up. You’re coming with me. You won’t stay here. It’s too dangerous.” Dean said to me.

I mumbled an okay and walked to my room. I grabbed my suitcases and started to stuff them with my clothes. Then I walked to my living room and grabbed all my other stuff. And lastly I walked to the bathroom to grab those supplies. Kitchen supplies Dean would probably have. I had 3 suitcases in the end filled with clothes and toiletries and books and such. All the necessary things.

“Jeez woman, you need that much to live?!”

“Jeez men and their whining! Be glad that I will come without a fight!”

“UGH you are so frustrating! And you attract criminals on top of that.”

“I can’t help being this looking!”

“No but you can help hanging with the wrong people!”

“Well I wasn’t hanging with James. So I guess that isn’t right Mr grumpy pants I-know-always-better!”

“Well you got him after you miss smarty I-am-the-best”

“Seriously?! That’s the best you can do?!”

“Ughhh you frustrate me so much!”

I grabbed two of my suitcases and rolled them out of my apartment to the elevator.

“You coming Mr grumpy pants? Oh and don’t forget my last suitcase!” I yelled down the hall.

I heard a loud UGH and then he appeared in the hall. He walked to me with my last suitcase. Applying to my command. The elevator arrived and we went in. I pressed ground floor. And we stood there. It was such an awkward silence. I was relieved when we arrived. I got out quickly and signalled him to tell me which way to go. He signalled back to follow him. So that’s what I did. Soon we arrived at his car. It was so amazing. It was an Audi A8. Like the perfect car. How the heck could he afford that?

“OMG awesome car” I squealed out loud. He let out a chuckle.

“I know sweetheart. I know!”

“Ughhh cocky much, Mr grumpy pants!”

We got in after he placed my suitcases in the back and drove off.

After an awkward 30 minutes drive we finally stopped. We had had a fight about the radio (I wanted good old times and he wanted something new that sounded like cat’s) and then I ignored him because he won.

I looked around and saw these gates that led to a big house. It was all white and looked like a mansion. But we drove past it. We drove to a smaller cottage behind it. He stopped and got out of the car. Then he walked to my door and opened it for me. I got out and looked at the cottage. It looked sweet and cosy. We went in and I immediately knew I was wrong. It was a man cave. It had huge television screens and everything was in earth tones. It was messy everywhere and all I saw were boxes without pizza in them.

“Jeez you are such a male!”

“What did you think sweetheart!”

He signalled me to follow him so I did while taking my suitcases with me. We stopped in front of a room.

“This will be your room for the time being.”  He said. He opened the door for me and let me in. I walked in and placed down my suitcases.

“I will give you a quick tour now. Then I have to get back to work!” I nodded and followed him. He pointed the bathroom, kitchen, living room, his room (like I would want to know where that is!) and the gym to me. Then he left. I walked back to my room and started to unpack.

My underwear in a drawer. My dresses hanging in the closet. My pants in another drawer as well as my shirts. Then I walked to another closet and placed all of my books and such in there. After that was all unpacked I walked to the bathroom and placed all of my products in there next to his.

Then I walked back to my room, grabbed a book and laid down on my bed to read.

“UGH Autumn!!!!” I jolted up and ran outside to see a Mr grumpy pants without pants and in a towel in the hallway.

“What’s wrong Mr grumpy pants?”

“Why is all of your stuff in the bathroom?!”

“Because I stay here now??”

“Get it out!!!”

“Okay okay Mr grumpy pants. Calm your tits!” I walked towards him and the bathroom. As I passed him my bare are slid by his bare chest. A jolt of electricity flew up my arm. I quickly pulled back.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? Never seen a half naked man before?” I blushed a bright red.

“Seriously?! You haven’t seen a half naked man before! OMG never thought I would see that anywhere. Are you a virgin or something like that?” He said loud and full of surprise.

“I-I-I” I stuttered and then I broke down in cries. I wasn’t a virgin. I never knew I wasn’t a virgin.

“Shoot of course! Sorry sweetheart!” He came close to me and enveloped me in a hug.

As he soothed me with soft quiet words and a hand on my back I calmed down. As I calmed down my brain became clear again. I was in his arms. He wasn’t wearing anything but the towel. I could feel something poke me.

“Uche.” I said as I noticed. Then he noticed our position. He quickly let go of me and looked at me. I blushed deep.

“Well uhmm yeah uh I will go now.” I mumbled to him and then I fled to my room. OMG he is so handsome and his skin feels so amazing. He is so nice and warm and he looks so good but what was poking in me. And why does he make me feel like this. I could still feel the blush on my chest and face. And I could still feel his arms around me. His chest against me. His towel on my thighs.





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