April Winters, now called Autumn Summers met The Head-Killer once. She's the sole survivor.
He escaped authorities. He wants his one and only back. He thinks there is only one way to drive her back into his arms. She needs to know he still wants her.
Dean is the agent assigned to this case. He needs to find a way to protect Autumn. He needs to find a way to stop The Head-Killer from wanting her, for he wants her himself.
It's going to be a crazy ride. Will Autumn and Dean come out on top? That's the question I'll leave you with.


14. Chapter 13

Chapter 13


- Autumn’s POV -  


Thinking back, my hand went to my lips again. The kiss was always on my mind. Finally something else to think about, next to my ankle and Demi. It was still hard, believing she had died, but I had followed Dean’s advice. I was working with them to catch him. He needed to be locked up and die! His sick mind needed to be terminated. He needs to get to him, what he does to these women. He needs to undergo the same thing!

The door opened and Dean came in. He looked at me with lust in his eyes. It was then that I realized I had just finished my night shower and was still only in my underwear on the bed because I couldn’t get my pants on. I quickly grabbed the blanket and threw it over me; it was of no use as he had already seen everything of me.

“Hey.” He said with his voice deep and a little hoarse.

“Hey.” I said back trying to be nonchalant.

“So I will have to go to work. Can you stay here with Marcus with you?” He said a bit awkwardly, like he didn’t really know how to act around me. He probably felt awkward because of our kiss. He probably regrets it. Can my life get any weirder? First I have the creep, then the name-changing and now a cute FBI agent.

“Yeah I will be fine.” I said trying to sound like everything was fine. After that Dean turned and headed for the door.

“Well uh bye!” He said to me and then he left. Not even a minute later Marcus walked in.

“Hey Marcus!” I said, really happy that he was normal.

“Hello Autumn, can you tell me why Dean is like this?” He asked.

“Like what?”

“Like, I don’t know, he’s super happy and cheery and he keeps smiling really creepy and he is actually the nicest guy in the building, treating everyone to coffee and such.”

“I don’t know…”

“Well did something happen in the last few days?”

“Uhm, next to me losing my best friend, Dean and I kissing and me getting shot in the ankle, nothing really happened to me.”

“Wait? What?! You and Dean kissed?”

“Yeah we did, something wrong with that?”

“No, Not really, but it explains a lot, he is so into you!”

“What no way! He’s not into me. He probably just is in a good mood.”

“Hell no! He’s never this nice when he’s in a good mood.”

“Well, I’m going to hop downstairs to get a few lady products, be back in 10 minutes!” I yelled at him as I got my crutches and walked to the elevator. With a ding the doors opened and I rode it down. Back at the lowest floor I walked to the store. It was pretty hard to find, because there were so much people there. It was like a busy market, only then in a hotel.

Walking in I saw the isle with the products and I immediately went there. As I was picking out my products I got a slight push in the side, but as I looked up, there was nobody there.

I went back up after I bought my products and I felt tired. The trip to the store clearly cost me more energy than I thought it would.

Coming back up, Marcus opened the door for me and helped me in.

“Autumn!” He yelled as he looked at me.

“What? You don’t have to yell, I’m in the same room as you.”

“You do realize you have a knife sticking out of your side?” He said very dryly. It took me a few seconds to realize what he said.

“What I don’t have a knife sticking out of my side look!” I said and I pointed to the mirror. I turned around to look and I was taken aback by shock. There actually was a knife sticking out of my side.

“Well what are you standing there for?! Call the doctors!” I yelled at Marcus. How in the world could I have missed it? How in the world could someone have stabbed me without me feeling it?

As soon as I yelled that, Marcus came into action. He grabbed the phone and started to make calls. I started to feel lightheaded.

“Marcus, I’m going to fa-” With a loud bang I fell to the ground. I wasn’t completely out; I just had no strength what so ever.

“Dean! Get to the hospital! It’s Autumn again.” I heard Marcus yell. After that everything was a blur. People running in and pressing cloths to my wound, people yelling to start looking for whoever did it. I was placed on a stretcher and then wheeled into an ambulance. I seem to be getting in these things more often, since James happened.

I woke up in the hospital once again. The knife was no longer inside me. I could feel the wound pound. It felt like I was run over by a truck. I slowly moved my head to look around. In the corner chair there was a familiar face. A face I had kissed not even two weeks ago. I tried to say his name, but all that came out was a slight cough. It was enough to wake him.

“Hey, how are you feeling? I was afraid we had lost you.” He said. The worry clear in his eyes. I am getting sick and tired from these hospital visits.

“Water.” I croaked out. He quickly gave me a cup with a straw in it and helped me to drink it.

“What happened?” I asked after I had cleared my voice a little.

“You were stabbed and then you fainted because of blood loss and then you almost died 3 times.”

“What do you mean almost died 3 times?!”

“You flat lined three times. I had to wait to hear you made it! The worst wait I have ever been through!”

“I-I y-y-you.. What?!”

“You died Autumn. You died three times and came back to life. You had us worried. I wasn’t even sure if I would have time to tell you things.”

“What things?”

“I will tell you later… Go to sleep now!”

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