Summer was nearing and Rachel's flat mates decided to get healthy before summer began! It's was already may! Two months to go. But on their first day of fitness it doesn't really go as planned. Rachel felt bad and decided to be the chef tonight, at the store leading to another accident, changing her life for good.
Harry helped her around a bit but everything takes a turn as Rachel grows close the Harry, and everything isn't what it seems.


1. Saturday Morning


chapter one


Saturday morning 


I awake to my bleeping alarm clock, and  the sound of birds out side my window. Why on earth did I set an alarm it's Saturday? Oh yeah, I remember that my flat mate Emma wanted to start a healthy  routine thing for all three of us. 

I could already smell breakfast cooking from the kitchen, an the sound of Emma singing. I eventually got out of bed and left my room. As I did I realised that Jessy had done the same thing. We walked down to the kitchen together to find food already sitting on the table and Emma eating away. 

My flat mates are great but Emma is sometimes really energetic and excitedly happy and is always trying to get us to do thing with her and stuff. Jessy on the other hand, is really mature she's like the grown up of the house, warning us before he leave at night like a worried mother. 

We all met in collage a few years ago, we were all super close and I guess that stayed. After a while it turned out all of us were having money troubles and housing issues, so we decided to come and live together in London.

"morning!" That's Emma being all excited.

"morning" me and Jessy both groaned our replies because neither of us wanted to be up at 7am on a Saturday! 

"So guys, are you ready to get healthy with me before summer starts!!?" 

"Yes, I'm exploding with excitement" obviously that was sarcastic but Emma didn't take it that


"eeck! So happy! I guess your glad to hear this then... We are going on a morning run!!"

'what! Nooo Emma it's so early" I was with Jessy on that one. 

"Come on guys, please." Emma out on her sad face.

"fine! Just this once."

"ok I'll come to" 

"ok guys, I'm already ready so hurry up eating and let's go!" 

I never ver takes me long to eat so I was dressing in a running outfit in just 10minutes. Within 20 we were all ready to leave. Emma lead the way round town and through the parks, after about 30minutes I so exhausted! 

"Come on you guys! Not long left only 10minuted now!" That's Emma again leading the way.Jessy was a little bit behind but not as much as I was.

Emma kept her word and with in another 10minutes, the flat was in sight. I was so tired, I let the girls continue to run ahead while I walked. 

Then! Idiot made kicked in and I made a fool of myself 


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