Summer was nearing and Rachel's flat mates decided to get healthy before summer began! It's was already may! Two months to go. But on their first day of fitness it doesn't really go as planned. Rachel felt bad and decided to be the chef tonight, at the store leading to another accident, changing her life for good.
Harry helped her around a bit but everything takes a turn as Rachel grows close the Harry, and everything isn't what it seems.


4. Harry and glass cuts

chapter four 


Harry and glass cuts


I fell. And hit my face hard against the car park floor. But, just to my luck, broken glass shattered around where I landed. I'm surprised I didn't pass out. The cold wet road, I laid against, unable to move, I felt so weak I arms throbbing. I could stand up because I had only one good leg for support. The car park was empty just about apart from people at the far end. There's no way they would hear or see me. I was bleed, my cheek all cut up, my neck scratched up too. My forehead, bleeding bad. It hurt do much.

i screamed and I cried hope someone would hear me. 

Them out of the blue I looked around and saw and tall curly haired boy running towards me. It was the guy from earlier. Here at my rescue once again.

he lifted my up in his arms,he was so very strong. He asked which car was mine, I pointed and he carried me over. He put me in the passenger seat, buckled me in and got himself into the drivers seat.

"it's ok, Im not that bad at driving!" He smirks trying to lighten the mood.

"I'm taking you back to mine, just to get you cleaned up, I live pretty close."

His was right, he literally lived round the corner. Handy I guess. He parked the car, took me out and carried me in. His house was quiet bug, it made sense why when he carried my inside. Four other guys where in there, I'm guess they lived there too. 

"Niall, zayn, move of the sofa." He put me down were the boys once sat. I felt so embaresst, to be in their house, all cut up . They all looked at me, one asked If I was feeling ok. They all helped out, they cleaned my cuts put like cream on they so they didn't get infected and gave me an ice pack. 

By now it was 6pm. I think I had fallen asleep because when I woke up they were all eating round a table. 

"Oh shit" I accident toy said out-loud as I looked at the time. They al looked at me Harry laughed. 

"Sorry" I tried to stand it was hard but I managed. 

"So erm thanks? T I have to like leave?" Harry stood up and walked over. 

"I'll drive you home love" I didn't really mind him driving me home, we just got in the car and left. 

"So erm what's your name?"

"I'm Harry. You are?"

"Rachel, my names Rachel" his voice was gorgeous, strong and manly. He had beautiful green eyes, I couldn't stop staring. 

"How old are you, Rachel?"

"I'm 19, 20 in August. And you?" 

"I turned 20 back in February" 


he smirked. After that not much else was said he pulled up in front of the flat and we  said our goodbyes and we got out. I took out the shopping bags and heading inside. In the distance you could see Harry walking of into e distance in the rain. 


God did he look perfect




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