Summer was nearing and Rachel's flat mates decided to get healthy before summer began! It's was already may! Two months to go. But on their first day of fitness it doesn't really go as planned. Rachel felt bad and decided to be the chef tonight, at the store leading to another accident, changing her life for good.
Harry helped her around a bit but everything takes a turn as Rachel grows close the Harry, and everything isn't what it seems.


5. Daydream

chapter five




"Where the hell have you been!!! Screamed  Jessy. Emma and I have been so worried, Emma broke down in tears thinking you died a--.

she stopped screaming, she noticed the cuts coving my face and body. 

"Wha, what happened?" 

"I ermm, was at the shops and I, well fell onto some glass."

"oh my gosh, sit down! Are you okay?"

"I'm okay, luckily the guy from this morning was around and helped me again."

"really, that's strange."

after talking over with Jessy and ema, once she came into the living room I went to bed. This has been to much drama for today, my head was spinning and my ankle was throbbing. I needed rest.

__________________________________the next day.

i awoke with a stabbing pain in my ankle as I attempted to get out of bed! reminding me it was broken. I sighed. I limped into the kitchen hoping to see the girls but, instead a note saying they'd gone for a run and a coffee at costs.

great, that means they won't be back till later. 

i put the note down and realised it had something on the back also. 


Sorry forgot to write this on the front, he won't be back till tonight, we are visiting our friends, we would have took you with us but you were sleeping, sorry babes xx 


Fucking great! I hate being alone, and by the sounds of it they won't be back till late! I sighed again, not such a great day agin. 

I ended up making myself some pancakes and a fruit smoothie. It wasn't such great weather again either, it was windy and raining like last night when...

I remembered everything that happened the night before, with Harry and his friends and the car park and

Harry's gorgeous hair and eyes and oh god I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. 

Images of Harry walking through the rain flashing through my mind. I felt light headed and dizzy, next thing I know I'm on the floor falling into a deep sleep.


i stood up, Harry stood there, hey there love he said. He grabbed me, pulled me close to him, then

ouch!! Arrrrrr! Wtf, he stabbed me, I looked down and saw a large kitchen knife inside of me, blood everywhere. I fell to the ground. I was able to pull out the knife, I clutches my wound and ran for the door.

"were do you think your going?" Emma said standing in the door way, she pushed me away, I stumbled back. I was so confused. Jessy grabbed me from behind, I turned round.

ARRRR, she stabbed me.i fell.


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