It's Not a Choice. Stop Bullying.

This is my story of being bullied. Before you think of writing nasty comments, think about others. Do you know what they're struggling through in life already? Do you know their behind-the-scenes of the mask they wear to school everyday? Well, do you or not?


1. What's this about

Hi everyone, my name is 1Disawsum and before I get into this, I'd like you to know a few things about me. 

1) I'm fragile, both emotionally and physically.

2) I don't judge.

3) I don't judge because I know what it feels like to BE judged.

4) I have a long and complicated history.

5) If I see you judging somebody or being nasty, just know that I'm not afraid of reporting you, and doing whatever I can to block you.

6) I rarely give people a second chance. Harsh, but when I think about it, I've given people enough second chances. And they never learn.

7) I know I may seem harsh, but trust me, I'm not. I've just experienced a lot.

Ok, so the point of creating this book-like thing online is to show you that, you're not alone. And we can all stop it together. By first changing our ways on how we look at people, and how we treat others.

We must first realise what we're doing, how we're acting. WHY do we treat others so differently? Aren't we all just the same? Let's dive deeper into this now...

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