Truth Or Dare <AdamLambert>

When a lucky fan gets invited to Adam Lambert's home after his concert, she gets a game of Truth or Dare and things start to get heated up! To find out more, just read and find out!


1. Prologue

Hiya Ya'll! My name's Tiffany Meiling, I'm 22 years-old and I live in Florida! I'm obsessed with Adam Lambert and can't wait for his concert 2Night! I've got my tickets, my outfit ready, everything is all set and ready to go! This is gonna be the perfect night!


Hiya there my sweets! Hope you liked this prologue! Chapter 1 coming out to you shortly. Stay Tuned! Love You Sweets, Tiff! And Yes I did use my name for this story as I'm in love with Adam Lambert myself I never got the chance to meet him! But, I did change my last name from Cox to my middle name Meiling cus' I wanted to as to keep my life straight and Cool as possible! XO's!

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