Truth Or Dare <AdamLambert>

When a lucky fan gets invited to Adam Lambert's home after his concert, she gets a game of Truth or Dare and things start to get heated up! To find out more, just read and find out!


4. Chapter 3

Tiffany's POV:

Well, it has been a week now and this was the day me and my sister Claire would be heading back home. We packed up our bags and walked downstairs for lunch. We both kissed our boyfriend's Adam and Tommy afternoon and had our lunch. We all sat down at the couch and leaned our heads onto there shoulder. I said to Adam "Were gonna miss you and Tommy, you will come visit us, will you?" Adam said "Yes of course we will visit as much as possible" He said kissing my head. Claire said to Adam "Adam, thanks for this opportunity to stay at your home and to have Tommy as my boyfriend is wonderful, thanks a bunch" "Claire babe, I love you and always will. Here's a little something me and Adam bought for  you and your  sister to remember us by" Tommy said  as he handed us bracelets saying 'love' on them. Adam and Tommy helped us put them on our wrists. "We also bought a little something for you guys as well" We handed them necklaces that said our name's and 'Cool Friend' on them. We helped them put them on there neck. They both kissed us a thank you. It was time for me and my sister to head back home so Adam and Tommy led us to Adam's car and drove us back home. Adam and Tommy held our hands while we riding home. We arrived at my home, I gave one last hug and kiss to Adam while Claire did the same and left the car. I linked arms with my sister while we waved and blow kissed them good-bye. We couldn't wait to see them again and remembered we could call or text them anytime. 

Adam's POV:

I was about to drive back home with Tommy now in the front passenger seat but then I turned around and drove back to Tiffany's home. I already missed my girlfriend so much there was no way I was leaving her even Tommy thought the same idea. I parked onto Tiffany's driveway and rang the doorbell which sounded pretty cool. Tiffany answered the door and found me on her doorstep she jumped into my arms and hugged me tight. Her sister came out from the pool deck and asked her sister "Sis, Who's at the front door?" She walked up and saw us on her doorstep and jumped up onto Tommy's arms. Tiffany asked me "What are you guys doin' here, aren't you supposed to be home by now?" I said "We are home" Tiffany was speechless to notice that I said her home is also me and Tommy's home. We walked in to her home and they gave us a tour of the home. We all sat down on the couch in the living room chatting. We were getting sleepy and anyway it ended up getting late at night so after dinner we headed to bed. I kissed Tiffany good-night while we were in her room and Tommy did the same to her sister Claire B in the guest room. We all went to sleep dreaming about the good times we had together. 


Well, that's the finale. How's you like it? Lemme know! Love Ya'll my sweets. 

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