Truth Or Dare <AdamLambert>

When a lucky fan gets invited to Adam Lambert's home after his concert, she gets a game of Truth or Dare and things start to get heated up! To find out more, just read and find out!


3. Chapter 2

Tiffany's POV:

We arrived at Adam's home and it's so beautiful. He took me and my sister a tour of his whole home and then we headed upstairs to his bedroom where we found his band mates sitting on the floor chatting. We all sat down next to them while Adam sat next between me and Claire. Adam asked "So, who's up for a game?" Everyone said "Me" Adam turned toward me and asked 'So, what game do you prefer?" I looked at him confused wondering why he asked me to choose but anyway I spoke and said 'I choose Truth Or Dare"! Everyone agreed with my idea along with Adam and Claire agreeing. Adam's bandmates started first, then Adam asked me 'Tiff, Truth or Dare?" I answered "Dare" Adam said " I dare you and your sister stay at my home for a week" Me and Claire were speechless all we could say was 'YES, YES". Adam kissed me and Claire's cheek and held our hands to calm us down. It was getting late so we decided to head on up and get ready for bed. Me and Claire both saw Adam already asleep so we kissed his cheek good-night and headed to sleep til'm morning. 

Adam's POV:

It was morning and saw that Tiffany and her sister were still asleep so I tried to wake up without waking them up but they woke up anyway. I cooked up some breakfast while they got ready, my bandmates left early so it's just gonna be me, Tiffany, and her sister Claire, They came downstairs and handed them there breakfast. Claire chowed down her food and hugged her sister and me good-bye and left to work. So, it was just me and Tiffany now. After washing the dishes, I sat on a couch in the living room as did Tiffany as well. Tiffany asked me "Adam, Whatcha wanna do today?" I said "IDK! It's just you and me right now, what should we do?" All me and Tiffany could do was just stare at the ceiling. We were silent for a bit til' me and Tiffany locked eyes. I finally spoke up "You have beautiful eyes Tiff..... I can't help but stare at them" Tiffany said the same exact thing about me. I leaned into Tiffany and gave her a peck kiss onto her lips. Tiffany said "Adam, Thanks." She peck kissed me back. Our peck kiss turned into a make-out kissing session which lasted about 50 minutes. We finally pulled away for air and Tiffany leaned on my shoulder while I put my arm around her. We started to watch some of my live performances on TV when my mates came home. They all greeted us and noticed something about us going on but didn't speak about it and headed upstairs. Just then, Tiffany's sister Claire came back home and saw us. She said excited "OMG..... Are you two.....?" "Yes we sure are together by now" I said kissing Tiffany's cheek. Tiffany kissed me back. Claire came and gave us a huge hug and sat down next to us. One of my mates Tommy came downstairs and I noticed Claire kept staring at him. I called to Tommy and he  sat next to Claire. Claire started blushing red like tomato red. I asked Claire "Claire, You OK?" Claire said still blushing "Sorta, I have a huge crush on Tommy and I think that's why I'm blushing" Tommy gave a smile to her and turned her head to him and kissed her. Claire smiled and kissed back which  lead to a kissing session. Me and Tiffany kissed as well. We all knew this would the perfect day. 


Hope you enjoyed this steamy Chapter 2. The finale of Chapter 3 coming out your way shortly. Stay Tuned! Love You my sweets. 

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