louis twin sister

hi my name is alexandria olivia tomilson louis is my twin and they call me alex the boys just got back from tour but liam and zayn were acting weird louis said that's cause their gf's broke up with them but why are they taking it out on me
(btw this is my first movellas i just joined on 8/13/14 at 10:10 so i hope you like it my cousin helped me she loves one direction too !!!!! )


4. chapter 3 here comes the abuse

alex's prov............ 

i just woke up and toke a shower i put my hair in a water wall braid and got dressed into a cream colored dress that went to mid thigh and put brown flats on then when i got down stairs everybody was awake and eating so i grabbed a plated and sat in between zayn and liam everybody was talking except for me ,zayn ,and liam  i felt a something rubbing my inner thigh so i looked at my lap and it was zayn's hand kept going till it reached my private part so i slapped his hand but he kept it there and whispered this is only the start and put his hand in my underware and was groping my private  i was whimpered but only him and liam heard and they just chuckled  he pulled his hand out of my underware and i stood up put my dish in the sink and went in the living room to look for my mom but she was not there so i went up to louis 

where is mom i have to tell her something i said 

she went to grandma's house for 2 days she will be back the day before our birthday and put me in charge is anything wrong the whole table went silent in the corner of my eyeball i saw zayn smirking and liam mouthing me not to tell or else  

no nothing is wrong i just wanted to see if me and kaylee can go to the mall and go shopping for christmas presents i said  

ok well go ahead and be back before 8 he said 

ok bye love you guys with that i got my wallet keys and phone and went to my car and txted kaylee 

a=alex and k=kaylee 

a:want too go christmas shopping and so you can help me pick out a dress for my  birthday while i explain my birthday present for louis my mom and the boys  

k= yea as long as we get starbucks and you pick me up 

a: on my way there just pulled in your drive way  

k:next time dont txt and drive or i will kill you and tell your brother and mother 

a: kk i will keep that in mind  

kaylee is pretty she has tan skin and red hair and brown eyes she looks like arianna grande 

so she got in and we went to the mall

                   kaylee prov ........ 

as we were picking out present i got alex a bff necklace in grave with are names and a saying i got my mom a silver watch and my dad a new ring in graved with from daddy's princess 

and got the boy a collage of pics from x factor to now  

well that all alex is calling me peace out bitches 

           alex prov  

me and kaylee decided that what she is giving the boys will be from me and her cause i gave her the pictures and she put it together and got my mom a diamond necklace and ring that is real      

so as we were walking we were talking about louis present 

k=so what is louis present  

a=promise not to tell anybody 

k= yea you idiot i was not going tell you did say it's a surprise  sometimes you bumb fucking blonde 

a= shut the fuck up and listen  

k= listening            

a=ok so i am going on x factor as a surprise for lois he always wanted me to go on  

kylee by now and jumping up and down hugging me everybody told me i should go on  x factor and kaylee was one of them  

k= omg that's great i am so glad you are going so hows it going to go want me to help you plan it at your house and then i can walk home  

a= yea you can stay for dinner as well  

k= kk lets go gets some starbucks and start planning 







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