louis twin sister

hi my name is alexandria olivia tomilson louis is my twin and they call me alex the boys just got back from tour but liam and zayn were acting weird louis said that's cause their gf's broke up with them but why are they taking it out on me
(btw this is my first movellas i just joined on 8/13/14 at 10:10 so i hope you like it my cousin helped me she loves one direction too !!!!! )


3. chapter 2 continues

  i did my hair like this :

just as i was going down the stair the door bell rang and my mom answered it the boys came inside and hugged my mom and louis ran up to me and spun me around  the boys hugged me except for liam and zayn they just said hi 

you have gotten so big alex louis said the boys excepted liam and zayn laughed i gave them a weird look 

and very hot as say so myself said harry 

dont look to bad yourself harry i said 

the boys went up stairs while louis pulled me off to the side  he said that liam and zayns gf's dumped them and they have been acting weird since then so tell me if they do anything that is bothering you 

ok louis i am sure they wont do anything trust me they will come around to their old selfs

                                               an hour later at dinner  

liam and zayn prov  

we had a bad break up so we were trying to find a good distraction and stress relief so when we were at dinner everybody was talking and laughing when all of a sudden a host came on stage and said the karaoke machine was up so the boys and louis and his mom pushed alex on stage to sing and dance while they were picking the song we started to txt each other about an idea to release our stress and anger  

zayn :how bout we take it out on alex there's a lot we can do to her  

liam:yea tat a good idea we could threaten her if she tells anybody 

zayn: ok so its settled we take it out on the slut 

liam: yea   

alex prov .......... 

i was thinking of a song and dance i know and after i found a song the lights dimed and they  brought out a multi colored disco ball (if you look up christina grimme dark horse that was alex's voice it is going to keep changing maybe)        

after i was done singing we went home and went to bed





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