louis twin sister

hi my name is alexandria olivia tomilson louis is my twin and they call me alex the boys just got back from tour but liam and zayn were acting weird louis said that's cause their gf's broke up with them but why are they taking it out on me
(btw this is my first movellas i just joined on 8/13/14 at 10:10 so i hope you like it my cousin helped me she loves one direction too !!!!! )


6. 2 more days till the surprise

alex prov......... 

i woke up naked and with tear stain cheeks then everything came back from last night  

i put that to the back of my head and tryed to get up when i did i fell but got back up and limped to the bathroom because my lower area hurt   

once i was done with my shower i put in leather leggings and a creme long sleeved sweated with high heel booties after i was done i took my hair out of waterfall braid i had done so it was really curly  

after i was down i limped down the stairs and to the kitchen to be greeted by louis niall harry they said good morning princess at the same time and we all started laughing but once zayn and liam came in i ate my bacon and eggs quietly and did not look up they sat by me and kept touching me in wrong places  

are you ok alex you just went quiet all of a sudden niall asked 

i nodded because liam and zayn kept touching me 

are you sure because when you came down stairs you were limping really bad did something happen harry asked 

liam and zayn were smirking  

yea i just fell upstair and hurt my leg i said 

maybe you broke it we should go to the hospital louis said 

they all nodded 

i'm fine i snapped and stormed upstairs to pack for x factor

                                    louis prov........ 

i'm fine she snapped and stormed upstairs  

the rest of us sat in silence  untill  harry broke it  

have you guys noticed that she spends more time out of the house she always use to hang with us but she was distant after the second day we were here at breakfest and after they got home from the mall harry said  

we all just nodded  

we have to figure out whats wront i dont want this to ruin our birthday i said  

they nodded  

looks like we have a mission 

                                        harry ,nialls  prov......... 

i have to figure this out i want her as a friend again and to make louis happy 

                                            zayn,liams prov....... 

we have to be more careful next time we touch her  

                                                  kaylee  prov ......... 

i kept txting and calling alex but she did not answer so i gave up i will txt her tomorrow before she leaves to go over the plan  

                                         alex prov............ 

after i was done packing i picked out my outfit for tomorrow and for when i am driving and put my make up out to that i am going to use and took i woke up to some one shaking me it was harry and niall  they asked what was really wrong i said i had a rough night and fell and it was a bad day for me it was true i just left out out one part 

well ok we understand oh and you missed lunch so it is dinner time  they said  

ok be down in a minute as they shut the door i got up and took off my clothes and put pj's on and went down stairs to eat after dinner i did the dishes and went upstairs and went on tumblr when liam and zayn came in and pushed me to the floor and beat and touched me till i passed out  



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