In This Moment Forever

Junior year, great times. Great laughs . And great boys.


2. My Day Starts..

Miranda's POV

I was finally there, at that hell hole I had to call school. This school looked different from what I remember. It seemed smaller, but maybe that was because there were so many new kids. I walked up the stairs and saw my friend, Veronica. I ran right up behind her, and poked her sides. She jumped a little and turned around. "Ah , oh my god, Miranda, you know how much I hate that." " Yeah I know, but I do it just to annoy you because I love you." I gave her the biggest hug. "Okay, so guess what?" Veronica started," I know you're not really into One Direction, but rumor has it Louis Tomlinson starts here today." I didn't really know much about them. All I know was they were a band, that started on X-Factor, and the boys names are Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. "Wow, that's pretty exciting." I said. "Well, I guess I should go and get my schedule now." I said. "Yeah, I already got mine, and the lines getting pretty long." "Okay, well I will see you later." And I gave her one last big hug. I began to walk up the second flight of stairs, and my phone buzzed. It was Veronica. "Hey, text me your homeroom, and classes.xx". "oka-" I was in mid-text when I bumped into someone. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you ." I looked up. Wow. "Oh no, it's fine no worries." He said. I was speechless. I felt like a dumbass, staring at a strangers face, but it was so perfect. "Were you on your way to get your schedule?" he asked me. "Uhm yeah I actually was." He smiled and said," Let's go then, shall we?" I laughed at him, and followed him to get in line. I wasn't sure where this was going to go, or if we were even going to become friends, or even more than friends. Either way I hoped we would keep in touch somehow.

Louis POV

So this girl, kinda just bumped into me. Out of every other girl that I have seen so far, I'm glad in was her. She's beautiful. Her golden blonde hair was thrown up in a messy bun. And she was wearing jeans with an other sized sweater. " So I didn't really catch your name." she said to me. "Oh yeah, I'm Louis" "And I'm Miranda." she said with a smile. The line kept creeping forward slowly. When we finally reached the table where we could get our stuff, Miranda almost instantly asked." So what's your homeroom?" "I'm in room 346." "Well, I'm in room 345, so wanna walk together?" "Sure I would love that." I replied. On our walk to homeroom, Miranda asked me a few questions, like my hobbies, talents, my music choice. On like the fourth question, she stopped walking. "Wait here." She said. She ran over to a mail cart, pushed it over to me and said,"Hop in." I was surprised. I at least though I would be the one pushing her. She glared at me and signaled for me to get in. It took me a while to realized she was serious, but I hopped in the cart. Then she ran through the halls, pushing me. We both were laughing and definitely enjoying ourselves. Then, we heard a voice behind us. "Hey get back here!" the voice said. "Oh shit." Miranda said laughing, running towards the elevator. We waited for the elevator, and when it came we got in. The door closing right in front of the guys face. We laughed hysterically. I hopped out and said," Come on hurry get it." Miranda hopped right in, and as soon as those doors opened, I ran! It was so much fun, and a great way to start the year. When we got to where we needed to be, Miranda hopped. "I hope to see you around." she's said. "Me too." I smiled, and walked off to homeroom. I could already tell this year would be great.

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