In This Moment Forever

Junior year, great times. Great laughs . And great boys.


1. First Day Of My Junior Year

Miranda's POV

The day was finally here, my first day of junior year in high school. I'm not really sure how I should feel. Sad because summers over. Or maybe happy because I get to see my friends. And the new guys. Some of the new goys last year were I have always been a bit boy crazy ever since, well you know, puberty. I got out of my bed, and began to walk over to my bathroom. I found my little brother playing with my makeup in my bathroom. "Brent get the fuck out of my bathroom!" I yelled. He just stared at me, in shock that I would even be yelling this at 6:30 in the morning. "Now Brent, leave." He got up, and left. I was kinda excited to get ready today. Not for the whole idea of actually going to school. I really hate school. I barely do any of the work. But I was excited today because, I have had my first day outfit picked out weeks before. So, I got in my shower, did my makeup and hair, got dressed, and ran downstairs for breakfast. "Morning hon, here's you breakfast." my mum said. "Wow, you made egg and sausage today." I said. "Mhm just for your big day." She rarely ever made this, just because it was my dads favorite dish. He left us a whole back, but I mean we are all still affected by him not being here. He got drunk, one thing led to another, and sorta just lost his mind. I never really understood it but whatever. "Thanks mum, gotta run." I said my goodbyes, grabbed my school bag and headed for the door. Wow, wait a day I have ahead of me.

Louis POV

My alarm clock startled me. "Shit." It was my first day of my junior year and I was going to be late. I don't care much for school, but I kinda cared today. Today, I have to 'dress to impress' as they would say. I hopped out of bed and went to go eat my breakfast. "Morning, hon, you ready for your big day?" my mum asked. "Yeah mum, I'm. Actually kind of excited." "Well here's your meal, I have to go get ready for work, love you." "Yup you too." I continued to eat my breakfast with my sister Lottie on the other end, typing away at her phone. "It's 7 am and you're trying that fast already?" I asked her. She looked up at me then looked back down at her phone and continued typing. I laughed a little as I finish my meal. I went back up to my room , and out on the water for shower. I wondered how the girls would look here. This would be my first day at Doncaster Regional High. I took a quick shower, got dressed and fixed up my hair. I looked in mirror one last time. Just to ensure my standards seemed high. I grabbed my bag, said bye to my family and started to walk to school. The day ahead of me was going to be great.

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