A new kind of war

WWIII has just finished but there are somethings that have to be hidden and taken. Diane and her friends have been hidden for years in an underground place far far away from civilization. They've had enough of all the testing and the not knowing, they have to get out.


1. Captured

I was in a tank. Full of water, the lower half of my body was in the water. My arms and hands were bound in chains above my head I had a shirt on and a bra but they were soaking wet. The rest of my body usually gets dunked in the tank around four-thirty every Monday. There are guards watching me every second and a doctor shows up every other day to take a blood sample and he takes a couple of my scales each time as well. It hurts a lot when he does that and they don't grow back so easily either. I'm afraid that if he takes too many that I'll have no fin. I don't have a lot of friends since I don't really see a lot of people anymore. I talk to the guards sometimes, but they don't say much, so it's more like talking to myself. There use to be this one guard, younger than the rest of them and a lot nicer. He was the only one that would talk to me. Then he got moved to a different area of the compound, I was sad for a couple of days and then this new guy came in. He was tall,with nice black hair and he had very nice clothes and really, really nice shoes. His eyes were closed but I knew that all the other girls wished he could open them. He spent his time in a closed off cell at the end of the long hall. Past all of the other people in here and into a big dark room, not able to see anyone or anything. I have no idea what's in those rooms but I know that they're not pleasant, dark and no windows. At least there's a bed in there but I have no idea if they're even being used properly. Probably not. I know someone else who lives at the end of the hall. Her name is Olivia. Olivia is shorter than the other guy that came in. She has to wear almost like a sleeping mask all the time. She can't be able to see where she is, so she doesn't know where she is. 

I still don't know why the guys eyes are closed. They still are and he closes them all the time. The only time that he doesn't close them, is when they put these special glasses on him. 


The war messed up a lot of people. There were all these harsh chemicals and they were everywhere. I was the only person in my family. We were all living in the same place and we were all exposed to the same things, but I was the only one to be taken away and tested on. By the sounds of it, lots of people here are the same. 

We're all different though. Everyone down here. Me, Olivia and the new guy, we're all the same, but we're all different.

We're all mutants. 

Mutants made by the war.


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